Super Sentai Antagonists I Find To Be That Beloved And/Or Overrated By Fans

Boo! Hiss! Get your tomatoes, rotten eggs and all you can throw at these menacing figures ready! Looks like we've got the bad guys and girls you just love to hate. Moving on, here's some Super Sentai and Power Rangers villains I believe got so iconic. I felt like Super Sentai fans really will always remember how they love to hate these villains.

Black Cross Fuehrer

So we have him in Goranger. Then years later, he reappears in Gokaiger Hero 199 Battle as the main villain. So he reappears causing havoc that it requires other 34 Super Sentai powers to defeat this guy. I felt like he's Super Sentai's own version of Sosai X/Sosai Z from Gatchaman. I guess nobody can still forget the granddaddy of Super Sentai big bads huh?

Hideo Kageyama/Doctor Man

He's a cool villain with the Zoids-villain appearance. He was once a scientist with a family but his own personal ambitions put him at odds against his wife. While experimenting on himself, he grows old pretty fast so he quickly turned himself into a cyborg. His struggle was within himself because he felt like his human self was something to be ashamed of. Later, he sought to bring a successor so he created the robot Prince and later sought to get his son Shuichi but ended up in a bad conflict. He represents the idea of robotics gone wrong as portrayed with his long time rivalry with Dr. Shibata/Shinichiro Gou. His genius also allowed him to study Balzion so well he was able to find other ways to use the Anti-Bio technology using his creation King Megas which allowed him to find the secret Bio Base.

Farrah Cat

Perhaps many may realize her actress was also known as "Cynthia Luster" and that she's Yukari Oshima. During that time, I guess a lot children still remember the time Oshima kicked the asses of the Biomen. She's probably still the most overrated catwoman of all time.


The funny goofball of Bioman. I always laughed at this guy with how much of an idiot he was. Though there have been a series of other villains who make him look like a genius like Zulten, Dongoros, Bukback and Gynamo. He's really that funny and Strong Kongou brings the character to life in such a memorable way.

Bio Hunter Silver

The Anti-Bio particles were first introduced in Episode 10 when Mika died. The concept didn't die with her and was brought back in Episode 37. His first arrival introduces him as the other survivor of the Planet Bio. He arrived with his Bi-Buster weapon which he was able to hurt BOTH the Biomen and Gear. He's the walking destructive force of the Anti-Bio Particles. He also has Balzion as his separated ally. It took a cheesy power-up from Peebo empowering Bio Robo to destroy him once and for all.

Star King Bazoo

Here's one scary big bad who shows his mirage and intimidates his followers. He rules over several planets and has been wary about his identity being discovered. He's found several ways to manipulate everyone like Commander Giluke and Queen Ahames. He's also not very fond of traitors either as he figures out every good way to destroy them. Truly a fearsome foe who'd put everyone under the fear of losing their homes and loved ones.

Adjutant Buuba

Maybe one of the best remembered villains. Maybe his mask even inspired the Predator movie or was there a comics before the movie? Regardless, he represents a complex villain who has that "I'm the only one allowed to defeat you." mentality against Change Dragon. Later, he starts to see what he's lost when some of his comrades returned. He's also very protective of Shiima to the point he actually sacrificed himself. In the end, he challenged Change Dragon to a final battle so he could die a warrior's death.

Princess Shiima

She's one of the few complex villains. Changeman started more and more different styles of writing villains. Unlike the others, she was kidnapped as a child and was brainwashed into serving the Gozma. Deep within, she's got that conflict that longs to be free. Plus, she's got Buuba who acts as her guardian. In the end, Buuba frees her from her brainwashing so she can be free to live her life. She's among a few villains who reformed to tell the tale.

Queen Ahames

Despicable, treacherous, name her and she's not the kind of person you'd want to be with. She worked a coup against Star King Bazoo with Commander Giluke. In order to gain her planet back, she pledges loyalty while double-crossing everyone. She has had no qualms in even using Shiima's life force just so the Changemen can be defeated. She got her rightful end when she went crazy, trying to plead Bazoo to give her planet back to her where she went on a kamikaze attack destroying the Changeman's military base.

Dr. Lee Keflen

He's the only human member of Space Empire Mess. He started out as an Earth child who was raised to be Mess' lead scientist. This wasn't a very good move though as he became more and more obsessed with seizing power. Towards the finale, he even betrays his own master Lar Deus, using his DNA for his own selfish use. He even tries to bribe the Flashmen to spare his life with the offer of fixing the anti-Flash phenomenon. The Flashmen chose to save the world and the universe from his sinister experiments.

Ley Wanda

You've got Yutaka Hirose playing a big time villain. I've just seen Flashman for the first few episodes but he's part of Hirose's him vs. red rangers list. He's also Red Flash's first rival in the show. Hirose plays the villain with so much enthusiasm as well.

Ley Nefel

Sayoko Hagiwara returns as a villain after playing a pink ranger. Ley Wanda exists as one badass cat lady so I think she makes it here. She's one vicious panther so don't ever underestimate her. The actress gets to use her fencing skills a second time.

Sir Kaura

Joji Nakata is a beloved cast member, no questions asked and he's still voicing some characters every now and then. Kaura is one of the alien hunters and he's one vicious villain you should NEVER mess with. He also appears as a frequent rival to Jin/Red Flash aside from Ley Wanda. Towards the finale, he fights Red Flash in a heavy battle which both survive. In the end, he revealed to Sara the secret of her parentage.

Underground Emperor Zeba

The de-facto ruler of Tube Empire. He usurped the Igam Throne and presumably brainwashed Igam into serving him. What may have made him a fan favorite is how menacing he is behind the scenes. He knows how to keep people under his control in fear of his power. He has a dominating presence that makes everyone fear him. Nobody questions him in fear of their lives and he does everything to keep his weaknesses from coming out. Plus, it's later revealed that he's been born out of pure hatred from the original Lethal Dobler monster so he's probably more of a clone than an offspring carrying its original template's will. Even with that, he can't be taken down so easily either without the Igam twin sisters uniting their power into one.

Prince/Princess Igam

So she knows she's a woman and she's forced to act like a man. I always felt sorry for her because of that and what kind of parents are they?! Deep within, I felt like she wanted to regain her honor and hopes to end her charade once and for all. Back then, she was a sweet little child but she was presumably brainwashed into Zeba's service. She acts as Takeru's main rival whose aim is to restore the Igam name without knowing she's the one who's actually smearing it. Even more, she does care about her fellow Tube members. She was saddened when her rival Baraba died and when she saw Fumin die to protect her. She became a Buddhist nun to atone for her sins at the end of the series leaving her sister Ial to take over the throne.

Earth Imperial Ninja Fumin

She serves as Igam's constant companion and rival to Haruka/Yellow Mask. She's got all the badass action that makes her really a truly threatening foe. I felt like every time she had a fight with Haruka that it ends up pretty good. During the finale, I really still felt that her noble sacrifice to save Igam's life was really worth commending.

Thief Knight Kiros

He's a real menace even on his own. He came to "assist" the Tube in destroying the Maskmen but he had his own agenda. He's after Ial who he lusts after. He appears as a dishonorable treasure hunter who'd do anything to get what he wants. Then he lusts after Ial who's shown to be the only woman he's lusted after. I found it funny he hasn't tried to flirt with Momoko so I guess he's only after princesses. He didn't have any qualms about trying to kill Haruka and Momoko for fooling him. His rivalry with Takeru is a battle of love and lust. His actions ultimately led to his karmic end as his own greed destroyed him.

Great Professor Bias

Mad scientists, mad scientists everywhere and Joji Nakata pulls this part so well. He's the embodiment of evil knowledge at least in Liveman's storyline. He's really very old but he keeps himself young with the help of the brainwave. What makes him a real menacing foe to go against is that he manipulates everyone for his own selfish ends. As the series progresses, he realizes he must have the twelfth brain and he has no qualms sacrificing his own students just to get that power. In the end, he became a victim of his own delusional rage. He was destroyed together with Gash near a cross. Perhaps it's a symbol of his own downfall and a symbol of science without conscience is just plain useless.

Dr. Kemp

Another Hirose villain. I felt like with Dr. Kemp, he's definitely a fan favorite. So he's the rival of Yuusuke and it's a big deal. In the show, he's the symbol of manipulating life. He shows every last bit of refusing to redeem himself. He chooses to become more and more animal-like as the show progresses making him a deadly foe indeed. As the show progresses, he almost had an undying loyalty to Great Professor Bias even where he gave up his brain to become a mindless beast. Yet in the end, he ended up regretting his actions when he led the other brains to rebel against Great Professor Bias.

Dr. Mazenda

She represents the futility of rejecting human emotions plus she's acted by Akiko Amamatsuri. I guess nobody can forget her cold and ruthless approach towards others. Plus, she's turned herself into a full cyborg to preserve her youth. I guess nobody can forget how great the actress is and how the villain is not somebody you should mess with.

Dr. Ashura

The actor Yoshinori Okamoto himself is amazing and he brings this thug to life. He became more dangerous hen Great Professor Bias made him into an artificial genius. He's a dangerous criminal mastermind who ironically has some kind of disorder that makes him unable to do basic computations. He may also be remembered for his kamikaze during the finale arc.

Back Dimension Count Radiguet

While Count Egobossler in Gatchaman Fighter may have not gotten that much recognition back then and Berg Katse was pretty much "the man", but he ends up as one of the best villains in the series. He's cold, merciless, sadistic and ambitious to the point he discards any of his will to do good. He could have helped the Jetmen and make it to redemption but he only has his "I'm only the one allowed to defeat you." mentality that runs his insane mind. During the time he spent as a "human" he showed that he could actually feel love but he chose to discard it, murdering the very person who cared for him when he was an amnesiac. As the series progresses, he's shown to have some kind of lustful advance towards Maria which may suggest he's some kind of pervert or he viewed her as a weapon that should only be his to use. Okay, he may have been hurt over killing Maria but it was only because he no longer had her. I always felt this guy deserves the most boos and hisses. So really, is he the most evil villain ever? Then again, there's also Shadam, Grandienne, Abrella and Dezumozoryla who are worthy contenders for that spot as the most evil Super Sentai villain ever.

Witch Bandora

I guess a lot of people really love Soga Machiko's performance. She's had her roles in Spielban, Denziman and Sun Vulcan. But maybe more Super Sentai fans will remember her more as Bandora. She's pretty hammy, scary and comic relief rolled into one and the actress herself knows how to bring the character to life. Maybe Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai can relate to Bandora since she was localized into Rita Repulsa. She's memorable with her hammy performance for those occasional "my migraine is acting up again" scenes, her stupid plans to get rid of children, her nearly "For the Evulz" type of plans since she does flaunt she's really wicked but ends up becoming comedy relief in several cases though she's got her moments of being just plain intimidating. She's got that funny theme song with a dance number. Well her origins were explained namely why she became that kind of evil person. Most Super Sentai hardly explain why villains turn out that way. In her case, she had a son named Prince Kai who was killed by a dinosaur and she bargained with Dai Satan for her witchcraft... which explains why she's that kind of villain.

Lt. Colonel Shadam

Dairanger is a great series and Shadam is one sadistic fellow. He has little or no concern about his own family namely his wife and two sons Kou and Akomaru. Power was his only comfort and like Radiguet, he hates having someone above him. So it wasn't good news to him that the Gorma Emperor finally arrived until it's revealed he's some kind of chessmaster. He has no qualms even killing his own sons just to get that power. Later, it's revealed that he created the Gorma out of clay so why was he clay at the end? It seems the series wants us to leave it to our imagination to what really happened. I guess at some point Gara got split into two and one half of her became the evil Gara and Shadam himself may have been turned into mud as punishment for his misdeeds. You decide on what happened.

Lt. Col. Gara

Yet another villain by Akiko Amamatsuri. During Dairanger, Gara had an interesting backstory where she was once friends with Kujaku. She's involved in several deceit-based operations like when she manipulated Rin. So she was just a clay dummy all along or is it? Some parts of Dairanger are still very confusing like what did the ending mean all along? So we discover that the real Gara is already in Heaven but was it possible that Gara's grudge became personified in the form of Gara of the Gorma? Did the writers want a twist? Apparently, we're left to our imaginations to what really happened behind the scenes.

Jin Matoba

He's played as Ryou's secondary rival in Dairanger. All his episodes were written by Toshiki Inoue. So he's one active menace with real cool martial arts moves all done by Yutaka Hirose. I felt like he was created to give Hirose more appearances in Tokusatsu. What can I say? This guy has been pretty great in his performance. He has a series of weapons like he even used a killer tattoo on Ryou. He's also had a sense of humor when he thinks only he should defeat his rival. At the same time I asked if Hirose made an appearance, why can't Daisuke Tachi play as Shadam?

Prince Junior/Gasha Dokuro

Okay he wasn't there for a long time. I don't know what reasons Kenichi Endo had but no one can forget his hammy comedy and martial arts. I always felt Endo was a pretty good actor in both serious and comedy. Though I'm more used to seeing Endo as a professional comedian considering he was also a guest star in Janperson as some crazy biologist. I guess fans must also remember his song "Kuro No Kikoushi" which was really that memorable.

Bowzock President Gynamo

The puppet president of Bowzock. Although he's the actual president but I guess nobody can forget how stupid he is. He never thinks of any good plan and neither are his subordinates of any help. Zonette just manipulates him to do her bidding. Grotch gives him stupid ideas and Zelmonda continues to support his stupidity. The comedy springs from the fact that he's so dumb and yet he still leads Bowzock anyway. Now only if Kenichi Endo did his voice or was given to him as a human disguise.

Beauty Zonette

So pretty much, I think she's also a fan favorite. What makes her unique as a villain is that while she's not officially the leader of Bowzock is that she's still is the real power behind the organization. Gynamo has almost no guts to stand up to her feminine wiles or her temper outbursts. She's also in love with Red Racer unaware of the latter's real identity. As the show progresses, she starts to see the error of her ways. It even comes to a point she actually loves the man behind the suit namely Kyousuke. At the end of the series, she's redeemed from her evil self and still has Kyousuke in her heart.

Dr. Samejina/Dr. Hinelar

Another mad scientist who's pretty much a victim of his own conceit and twisted personality. Long ago, he had Dr. Kubota were the best of friends but they became rivals. He cooperated with the enigmatic Javious I to help him with his sinister experiments. He begins manipulating life with unethical bio-engineering and robotics, viewing most of the people with him as disposables except for Shibolena and Yugande. He managed to get dirty by duping Gurail into becoming a mad monster. He later uses the DNA (?) of Javious I to create the more menacing Nezirangers. Worse, the Nezirangers were just disposables so he could take over Nezire and then the world. He plans to make the world into a world of zombie followers. He even used the worst of humanity against the Megarangers. Eventually, he unleashes his greatest creation called Gran Neziros in his attempt to finish off the Megarangers for good. In the end, he died a victim of his own evil ambitions.

Evil Squadron Neziranger

These villains were created by Dr. Hinelar out of Javious DNA (?). They're the anti-thesis of the Megarangers to the point they actually lack teamwork. They've had a bad habit of trolling each other to the point the Megarangers were able to defeat them one by one. But make no mistake even one of them is already hard to defeat. My only problem though was that with Gurail out of the picture, I felt these evil trolls of doom could have had interesting conflicts with Nezire's inspector Gurail.

Captain Zahab

Cruel, uncaring and just plain destructive to the core. This guy has traveled across the galaxy turning planets into stars. One day, he landed on Earth and was defeated by the first Ginga Red which made him lose his hand. Not willing to lose his quest for immortality, he'd do anything to revive the Daitanic even if it means losing his own generals in the process. He's also shown how he doesn't tolerate failure by ordering their own deaths should they fail. For a cruel villain, he somehow still got hurt when Shelinda got killed by Hayate/Ginga Green. In the finale, it's even revealed that he destroyed his own planet just so he could achieve godhood. I guess seeing him blow up must have been very satisfying considering all the blood that's on his hands.

Steerwoman Shelinda

A menacing character and Captain Zahab's fiercely loyal bodyguard. I felt this female was a real vixen and she's not afraid to harass Hayate over a scar. So she uses Miharu's image just to lure Hayate out. She shows up and aggressively attacks with cunning combined with her cruelty. She ended up getting killed by Hayate/Ginga Green in their final battle. As great as villain she was, her only weakness was her grudge towards Hayate which led to her demise. I guess a lot of fans really felt like she's one of the greatest femme fatales ever.

Grand Witch Grandienne

So she didn't arrive until second half of the series but that doesn't stop her from being a memorable villain. She was mentioned and that her children the Saima Clan (who I assume were produced by her without the aid of a father) awaited her arrival. She arrives and becomes a despicable character who not only takes Zylpheeza's efforts to crush the GoGo V for granted, she force-grows her infant son Drop into Draconian Prince Salamandes. Then she starts to manipulate her own children. When Salamandes fails her, she immediately banishes him to Hell. She would also tell her own son Zylpheeza to fire at her other son Kobolda just so she could get rid of the GoGo V team. Worse, what makes her such a cruel bitch is that she's actually Negative Energy incarnate. Truly a terrifying foe of epic proportions.


I may not like the actress all that much in terms of acting but she can still kick butt though. Never ever mess with momma's little bitch. She's one cruel bitch who you wouldn't want to mess with. Ask Nagare and Matsuri who are both her rivals in the show. What's also so frustratingly cruel about her is her lack of compassion for human beings. Although there's also a side of her that cares about her eldest brother Zylpheeza like when she opposed Salamandes' usurpation. She eventually gave up her own life just so Zylpheeza can live on. I find her death pretty memorable and even if she's a bitch, I still felt bad for her. Her counterpart in Lightspeed Rescue is no less dangerous either.

Dr. Mikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer

For all the Abaranger villains, I felt this killer physician was better than the rest of the villains. He's got his killer games, his arrival made the Abarangers' lives really that bad and I felt he really was no ordinary bully. So he's bored but that's not all. He really treats life as if it's just a game, he even attempted to crash Jupiter into Earth and all those crazy stuff. The Abarangers couldn't really defeat him so easily. I wonder why in the world did the writer Sho Aikawa decide to write him into some kind of "redemption" arc. I always liked him better as a villain and he should have been written off as one. But no, I felt like his "redemption" was really where he sucked big time. Burai's redemption was done better than this guy. He still remains as one of my favorites even if the finale just really had to force that "redemption" plot into him.

Evorian God Dezumozoryla

The evil god of the Evorians himself is the an unseen malevolent force. I guess he's been there to add some balance to Abaranger's otherwise lighthearted nature. So he's been that Eldritch Abomination of Abaranger's storyline. In contrast to the not so active Dai Satan, this malevolent entity has been more active even when he's not fully awakened. I guess this guy may be part of the fanbase.

Agent Abrella

A real menace around the galaxy, no questions asked. Just how many lives were ruined no thanks to this dirty and sleazy merchant who has no principles? He goes around selling his wares to the Alienzers of the week though not all of them benefited from his services. But you can't deny that he's a real heckler who goes around and causes all sorts of trouble. He's no pushover as he even took over the Dekabase and nearly destroyed the Space Police for good.

Immoral Dragon Long

The main problem for the Gekirangers is that this guy is immortal, he can't die and he's been that demonic personality that messed a lot of people's lives. So he was responsible to what happened to Jan's father, he manipulated both Rio and Mele while pretending to serve them and he's a really sadistic madman. Towards the finale, he reveals just how uncaring he is as long as he has fun. A real psychopath indeed. Well he's going to go crazy after the Gekirangers turned him into a ball. So where are we going to throw it away then?


He's the one villain I thought was the only one that caused REAL trouble. The Zangyack just kept doing something stupid. As for Basco, he's still that one aggressive S.O.B. that he's really got to be a fan favorite but he's not really the best out there either. The actor Kei Hosogai really brings him to life. He's also the former comrade turned the personal arch-rival of Captain Marvelous which makes things more interesting. A real menace indeed that you can't underestimate. I felt like he should have been Gokaiger's villain instead of that stupid emperor Ackdos Gill.