The Demons of Sentai

Honestly I think there is a connection between some of the deadly demons in sentai. If my theory is correct they could be related. I think in the world of the oni, they are rival clans which I think are the following:
The Hundred Demon Tribe in Turboranger.

The Vyram of Jetman.

An unknown new enemy for a few episodes.

The Bandora Gang of Zyuranger

The Gorma in Dairanger

The Youkai in Kakuranger

The Saima in Gogo V

The Orgs in Gaoranger.

The Evorian in Abaranger. Probably were born by Dai Satan's power.

The Infershia of Magiranger. He is presumably the same entity as
Ragorn and Dai Satan brought back to life many times.

The Ashu of Boukenger. Presumably they are linked to Ramu and Gogu in Jetman.