Human Hating Normal Human Villains

Sentai did present some of these very unique villains- they are humans yet they hate their own kind for some reason. They even tried to stop being human. I mean I can understand if the sentai heroes of the past also faced the Ashu tribes in different series but these are different. They are:
Dr. Man the founder of Shin Tenkoku in Bioman is a human being, the first human villain that is. He wanted to become the world's greatest genius and experimented on himself becoming an old man quite early. He aims to punish humanity for some reason probably due to a bitter past or his own experiments altered his brain. He had a son named Junichi who opposes him. When Mason discovers he is a human being, he was plotted for death but he used a mechaclone to fool them and later reprogramed them. In the end he repents and turns back to the light due to his human emotions.

Dr. Lee Keflen from Flashman from the Mess Empire is from Earth. He hates humanity and wants to punish them so he served Emperor Deus. However he got so hungry for power that he betrayed his own emperor and became the final enemy for the Flashmen.

Dr. Bias, founder of Volt of Liveman. He is always looking down at everyone with contempt as they always rejected his ideals. In the end, he died old and confused.

Dr. Hinelar of Megaranger is another. He has a tragedy like Doctorman but he served Javious at first before becoming the final enemy of the Megarangers.

Gien of Timeranger was a normal human turned into a cyborg by the mutant Don Dorunero. Well he's gone insane and plans to destroy all of humanity whether normal or superhuman. In the end he got destroyed before Tetsuya is forced to forget about Yuri.

Ryuuwon was once an adventurer who wanted to research about the rather pacified civilization of Lemuria. He went crazy and for 200 years roamed the Earth as a mutant who relied upon the mystical powers of Precious to survive. Well in the end, he apparently can't turn back into Ryuuwon because he is a normal human being at the start... that is until he's reincarnated as one.