Bouken Pink: On Focus

Sakura Nishiboshi of Boukenger is really hot. I mean I find her more attractive than Ptera Ranger or Houou Ranger and probably the fairest Pink Ranger ever. Well I kind of think about that I got sucked into watching Boukenger because of her as she was so pretty- prettier than the female rangers of my childhood sentai.

Her character in Boukenger isn't the usual female pink ranger of being too soft. Instead, she isn't afraid to speak her mind out and that she actually does know how to operate a rifle- something I don't see even any of the original female heroines doing in their show.

I like to compare her to Kaori Rokumen/White Swan in a way but she's prettier. In a way both are the only child and a daughter of rich families who are called unto a duty of justice. But a big twist happens is that it was revealed she had ran off from her family to join the military, she can easily control mecha and she doesn't seem get stuck in any love triangle whatsoever (but it was implied that Inou Masumi had a crush on her) which causes team disunity. She also shows her awesome gun skills which are kind of like Momoko/Pink Mask of Maskman.

Should I mention she does PANIC a lot whenever Satoru Akashi is in danger? I mean the whole team soon gets aware of her affections- I mean they tease her a lot with him. There seemed to be some admiration for her from Eiji Takaoka when she decided to accompany him but it was very unlikely. I mean, she was only kind of concerned about Eiji Takaoka's battle with Gai in that episode, nothing between them and I don't think he is attracted to her which can be later seen when Eiji Takaoka teases her about her feelings for Satoru Akashi.

The biggest panic she's ever done was when the Questers were almost winning and Satoru Akashi planned to do a futile hara-kiri attack on the Questers' final robot Homolculus which she stopped with the help of the others. She felt really bad when she thought Satoru Akashi had died when the SGS Museum exploded.

After the final battle, she stowed away with Satoru Akashi in a remodeled Daivoyager and it seems as if she's still ignored or what... but maybe three laters after the defeat of Goddom, they'll marry but it's not likely to be placed on TV. In Boukenger vs. Gekiranger, it seems Satoru Akashi is no longer oblivious to him.