Nagare Bouma Characters in Super Sentai

There are some Hanyo (oni human + normal human or in mythology between oni and human) characters in Super Sentai. These are:
Yamimaru and Kirika- They became the next focus of villains after Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda died in battle against the Turborangers. They are half-human and are wandering due to them being half-Ashu. Yamimaru's parentage is not established but we know Kirika's father is an Ashu.
Kou or Kibaranger in Dairanger is born from Shadam the Magician and a human being.
Tsuruhime in Kakuranger is born from a youkai from Daimaou's servants and a human. She is another half breed.

Eiji has the reverse. His mother is an oni and his father is a normal human like Achilles, son of the goddess Thetis and a mortal named Peleus or the goddess Sheng Mu and her mortal consort Liu Yong who bore their son Liu Chen Xiang. He is another outcast. I wonder why Ragorn never noticed him before? He is one like Yamimaru, a nagare bouma.


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