Gaoranger: Forever Red

Unlike Power Rangers Wild Force that presented only from MMPR, this one goes all the way back to Goranger (and they're now seniors mostly) who do something worthwhile again. After retiring, ll the red rangers come back for a grand return in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai where a lot of classic mecha return.

This hints that these events or possibilities may have happened somewhere that may need a movie (but a different actor if need be) to explain these:
  • The use of bio energy in sentai series after Bioman. In Jetman, they face a monster that uses bio killer particles in the form of Meteorite BEM. In Ohranger, they used the same kind of energy and faced a similar enemy that could neutralize their powers in the form of Bomber the Great.
  • In Fiveman, Takeru could be that scientist who falls for Kasumi.
  • In Abaranger, the destruction that Bandora caused in the past could have created Evorian.
  • In Magiranger, the Mystic Mother may as well be a Bandora reborn as a force of good after she was purified in Zyuranger from her evil powers.
  • The Ashu may as well be part of the civilization of Ramu and Gorg (though they look different, Kei looked human) as the natural enemies of normal men. These super-evolved humans (evolved from first human to this point). The similar type of Ashu may have been the enemies of Turboranger (Ragorn looks much like an Ashu or the lord of the Ashus), the Bandora gang in Zyuranger, the Gorma of Dairanger, the Youkai of Kakuranger and the Evorians of Abaranger may belong to that same superhuman race.
Possible conflicts:
  • Okay remember that there was one huge non-canon film called "Kakuranger vs. Ohranger" which was in total conflict. So I was thinking if the Biomen and the Kakurangers gave their henshin devices back, we can assume that by some chance, their powers were given back to them or that Peebo (who sadly didn't appear) came back to give the bracer to Red One or I can assume that there's already a huge sentai alumni association held.
  • Also, why didn't giant monsters show up until Battle Fever J? I assume that the Black Cross were quite low-tech for enemy standards but not for Earth standards or that ever since the ancient enemies were sealed, enlarging monsters didn't become a fad. I assume that the Egos Lord from Battle Fever J is an immortal guy or probably was a decoy of the true evil ruler of sentai who I assume is also Ragorn, Dai Satan and N-Ma.