Zyuohger 30: The Arrival Of Cube Whale!

Episodes 28-29 were celebration of Super Sentai's 1,999th to 2,000th episode. We have Zyouh Whale introduced as Yamato Kazakiri's third form. It's time to tackle on what could be a more exciting part of Zyuohger.

I'm glad that Genis isn't taking things lightly as this episode will show. I guess this means we may not see Genis getting temporarily overthrown by Bangray (I hope this is the official translation as opposed to Bulgay by Over-Time). Then again, I could be wrong considering that Bangray himself is not an easy opponent. We'll just wait and see.

Bangray wants to find the Cube Whale which started another challenge for everyone. Is it me or is Bangray meant to be what you call the game changer? If he is, he's doing a pretty good job at it and he's a real menace. For post-Gokaiger game changers, I like Bangray did something better. Escape wasn't all that good for Go-Busters. Bangray's got the vibes of Basco. Both Basco and Bangray know how to get the job done one way or another.

The plan was to poison the ocean so Cube Whale will show up. Cube Whale cleared out the poison that Kubar spilled. Speaking of Kubar, I'm getting thrilled to what this secret between him and Bangray is. Did Genis destroy Kubars planet? Did Bangray destroy Kubar's planet? I can't wait to find out what it is. The suspense is thrilling me.

Cube Whale shows up as an out of control Cube Animal. It's a red whale with the ancient civilization look. Neither side could control it. It's an out of control mecha. I'm reminded of several out of control robots like Maskman's Galaxy Robo, Ohranger's Red Puncher and Shinkenger's Mougyudaioh. What's with the love for out of control robots anyway?

Next week, I can't wait to see Cube Whale in its robot form as Dodekai-Oh. Hmmm did Toei get a champion Lego artist to design their mecha? 


  1. Kubar spilled the poison not Azald. Azald is the purple cubed guy.

  2. I think the number of cube has no logic. First, there are 5 rangers, so the cubes are ordered from 1-5. Then, Larri gives Yamato a brand new Zyuoh Gorilla power, and the cube is number 6. After that, Genis creates three new cubes, and the number is 7,8 and 9.

    Now the problem is, why the earliest cube (whale) is number 10. I think it is the 10th cubes to appear, but I can't accept the reason.

    In my opinion, cube whale should be numberless, or maybe number 00.

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  4. Do you think Bangray would've been perfect in Gokaiger too? Cause I definitely could see him being just like Basco was and stealing memories of past Sentai to create old foes, like possibilities would've been endless

    1. I guess he would. He's not one you should mess up with due to how resourceful he also is aside from his abilitiy to steal memories and make doppelgangers out of them.

    2. I have gotten boring with Bungray. It seems the producer is gonna save some budget, then he creates Bungray to release past monsters.


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