Zyuohger 31: Cube Whale Joins The Crew!

Last episode featured Cube Whale as an out of control Cube Animal. The preview already showed that it could become Dodekai-Oh. This week's episode becomes a good toy commercial.

A second GIFT robot called GIFT Custom Appears. Naria is piloting it with the intent of destroying the Zyouohgers. This was different than the first GIFT. The heroes couldn't defeat due to its immense might.

Bangray wasn't going to give up without a fight either. I suspect that he was actually planning to use Cube Whale to overthrow Genis. Yamato tried to reach out to Cube Whale but it doesn't respond. But what happened next is pretty interesting.

Aside from Yamato using two swords in battle, I thought about how his selfless desire gave him the full power of Cube Whale. He was putting all his strength to good use against Bangray.

So he gets a new weapon but I felt like what in the world is this weapon then? It creates some splashes that send Bangray away for the moment.

A clearer view of the new robot Dodekai-Oh made me think of the time I used to play Lego.

The finisher move is pretty impressive with releasing such powerful waves. While I do thin the cube-like mecha in Zyuohger do look "ugly" (and well, a lot of 80s mecha didn't look so good either), the new school special effects made up for it.

Even in its tiniest form, the Cube Whale is bigger than the rest. I guess the power was sealed off long ago because it would be too great to control. The plot of the week reminded me of  the Ushi Origami which became Mougyudaioh in Shinkenger and Red Puncher in Ohranger.

Meanwhile, Genis is really up to something. Does he have some special plan with the data? Will we see some kind of Ultrazord soon enough? I can't wait to see what Genis will do with the data they got from the last battle!


  1. Unfortunately his teammates is only restricted to one weapon which is only their stationary ones, ZyuOh Eagle carry the same legacy as the Red to wield two swords.
    It all started with Red Mask, then Red Falcon and of course Red Turbo then two years passed and Tyranoranger would wield his late brother's dagger and his sword together to finally do a slash finale which he is always capable of doing but just didn't. The gimmick ceased as Most Reds either only had the one sword, their stationary weapon is only a dagger or they carried something else as a personal weapon beside a sword. Red Racer's vibroblade is too bid. Gokai Red shared and barrow his comrades'.

    This is some great and memorable Super Sentai gimmick and choreography.


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