It May Be More Than Time To Do Another Space Themed Super Sentai!

After watching the available subs of Changeman and Flashman has from Grown Ups In Spandex as well as remembering how the outer space set-ups got better from the 80s to present, I'm thinking that it's probably time to send Super Sentai into space once more due to modernization. Changeman and Flashman had space themes attached to them but the special effects were not so good given the time period they were in. I enjoy the action but I thought that these concepts need to be revived some time in the future. Megaranger had done it better and Kamen Rider Fourze may have been a green light to producers that it may be time to create space themed Super Sentai.

Why do I think a space themed Super Sentai is going to work better for this time and age than it did back then? Given the conditions that multi-gattai's the current mecha trend, there's more access to better quality digital special effects for newer series, the Japanese household has more income to buy more toys, there's the Super Sentai dance gimmick that's making waves even with teenagers and adults (and Fourze could have done it) and Toei has more money now to spend for better equipment... I feel these factors are probably the prerequisites to make a better inspired space-themed Super Sentai. It would be time to improve on concepts that were restricted by the low quality and lack of budget during the 1980s. It's 2016 and there's space as the final frontier!

While I  was watching Kamen Rider Fourze, I felt this one in my head, "Kamen Rider's really gone into space and the effects are so much better! We need to do the same with Super Sentai now we're in the digital age!" While Megaranger had a space base but the theme was on computer gadgets not space exploration. From what I heard, Changeman in its draft was supposed to be a space exploration team and the name was supposed to be Cosmoman. Other names that could be used as Cosmoranger or Cosmoger but Toei Ltd. should ultimately decide what title they'll give it.

There are many ideas one can think about. In my case, I prefer to think of this Super Sentai where the new Super Sentai team are young Japanese space explorers with the privilege of using state of the art fictional space equipment. They start their new expedition only to discover that there's an ongoing intergalactic war. So they end up moving from planet to planet instead of staying on Earth like their predecessors. They'll soon realize that they also have an oppressed people to free. With the digital age I don't see any reason why a Super Sentai season taking place outside of Earth can't be done with better special effects. This also should be another mold-breaker since we're already in the post-Gokaiger era. It's important to try something new though it may not hurt to actually ask fans to collaborate. Some themes are getting overused and others may be waiting for the chance to be improved overtime.

What other ideas for Super Sentai do you think can work in this day and age? Comment!


  1. TOEI is persistent in doing Dinosaurs, Animals, Cars, Ninjas. As bad as the show was at least ToQgers is original and there are animal design in the helmets Go Buster is pseudo original.
    Though the war is in space, Changeman, Fiveman and Megaranger isn't really a space theme but more Military, and science theme.
    On the other hand Flashman is a Space themed series. Perhaps next season should be astronaut based like you mentioned with KR Fourze.

    1. I don't think it's a good idea to overwork any theme. Dinosaurs, animals, cars and ninjas are good ideas but when overworked, they can fall apart.

      For ToQGer, I agree THAT the concept is original. My only problem with the show is that Yasuko Kobayashi was not the right person for it. They could have appointed another writer like as of late, I think Junko Komura could have been good for the job. ToQGer got an award for recognition but having a burnt out writer is not a good idea.

      Due to what the digital age has to offer, there's a lot of themes that could work better a second time round or a first time round. I think space would be a good theme to reexplore anytime soon with astronauts as rangers.

    2. There are two themes well three themes that has never been explored. Insects, Sea Life and Zodiacs(Gransazer is a pseudo Sentai series).

    3. Junko Komura is suck with copycat story from many Super Sentai in Zyuohger and she created uninteresting character of this 40th Sentai show. Hope her will not write anyshow of Sentai again. Fail writer ever same as Kento Shimoyama.

  2. I'd personally love to see a medieval theme sentai. Like the main weapons could be a sword/lance like the Kamen Rider Knight used in Ryuki

    1. I guess you'd want to use medieval themes and medieval type foes right?


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