The Three Highnesses of Gaoranger

Gaoranger was interesting for me with its three Highness Arcs.  They were born the moment some Highness was needed.  Here are my thoughts on them when it came to the three Highness Arcs which three different big bads took over and were eventually merged into the ultimate Big Bad, Senki.

Org Highness Shuten- He had a short temper but at least he didn't treat Yabaiba and Tsuetsue as trash.  The fact that he decided to battle the Gaorangers' to a final battle was cool.  He started out pretty standard as a the first big bad.  Later he got serious with blocking the Gao Soul, cruelly thrashing the Gaorangesr until Pyo-Chan restored the Gao Souls.  Shuten was defeated by the newly restored Gao King then was killed by the new Org Highess, Ura.

Org Highness Ura- I thought he made the show more interesting with his subtle plots such as resurrecting Loki.  His action of resurrecting Loki brought some conflict when he got the Giraffe, Elephant, Panda and Bear crystals.  To make matters worse, after Shirogane was freed from Loki's power, he would haunt Shirogane for the rest of his term.  His rivalry with Shirogane was fun to watch, especially when he attempted to restore Shirogane as Loki.  With one plan after the other, the Gaorangers get hit by his cruel scheming which adds some degree of suspense.  Later, he became even more powerful which resulted to the temporary deaths of the other Gaorangers.

Org Highness Rasetsu- The most cruel of the Org Highnesses as s/he even treats Yabaiba ande Tsuetsue like trash!  I thought this guy was utterly the Prince of Despair which he uses a lot of direct brutality in the series.  So yeah, he's utterly crazy and really, I mean he really goes from bad to worse morally speaking.  I found him even more unforgivable when he sacrificed Tsuetsue so he could kidnap Tetomu, to force her to become his chef.  Not that he didn't have subtle plans considering he did use Duke Org Dorodoro, he manipulated Futaro (who is actually Gao God), he also had the Christmas plan to fool the Gaorangers at the same time create a drink out of children.  Overall, a real despair bringer!


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