Introducing Toqger's Emperor Zed

"Wait a minute!  I didn't know that another Lord Zedd existed!  I am the real Lord Zedd, the emperor of evil!"

Well sorry Lord Zedd, there's another Emperor Zed.  And of course, I just thought that Toqger has taken from original concepts from Power Rangers or what, I mean Tokkati is pretty much another Noah from Megaforce (or Billy take your pick), had a crossover with Gaim (in movie form) like Shinkenger did with Decade (within the Decade series).  Now introducing the new Zed with just one d, Emperor Zed.  In fact, I even have the speculation that Lord Zedd's costume was meant for Dairanger's Gorma Emperor but was scrapped off.

So Toqger introduced its own Zed, the emperor of darkness for the series continuity.  I just hope he would be a nice mix of scariness and comic relief like post-marriage Zed was.  I was thinking I can't wait to see what his monster form really is.  Well with Sentai/PR belonging to two different universes, this Zed is not Lord Zedd from MMPR but most likely a tribute to him. For some reason, the Takaaki Utsunomiya and Yasuko Kobayashi tag team tends to pull in Power Rangers references too.  Unfortunately for him, light can hurt him so I was thinking he might soon find a way to overcome that weakness as emperor of the Shadow Line.


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