My Favorite Plot Elements in Gekiranger

If there was any series I realized I love so much from last decade's Sentai, it's Gekiranger.  Now first, I still like Dairanger better than this series overall, this series had issues for me like the CGI usage BUT still, this series.  It's not shallow, it's very deep and you can get a lot of plot here.  Well there's others with good plot back last decade or good storytelling but IMO, this show stands out.  But feel free to tell your own series!

Now for my favorite plot elements in this series and this can also tell why I love this series so much:

The main characters and their storyline.  For the Gekirangers, I think they are a very dymanic group from Jan, to Retsu who is my favorite of the original three and Ran who is the brains of the group (I love having women as the brains more than the guys in any group hero shows).  Later we are introduced to Gou who is Retsu's older brother, which had a sibling rivalry at first but they got better.  Ken, well he's cool and funny which kind of balances the serious atmosphere.  Besides, I felt Gekiranger was a nice return to the more serious atmosphere of Super Sentai back in the 80s-90s.

The story of the Fist Saints are not just add-ons, those Fist Saints REALLY get involved.  Watch every last training scene of the Fist Saints.  I really think they blended in so perfectly with the martial arts plot.  Aside from the fact that well for me, they are tributes to my favorite Chinese stars, they are also more than just add-ons, they are plot worthy.  I thought every last training scene to gain a new power is fun to watch.  Dairanger and Maskmen had some fun training scenes but this series well, managed to do something new and not just add characters for characters' sake something I can learn to do.

The rival factions are not just merely I hate you let's fight scenario.  The Gen Juken and the Rin Juken have a LOOOOONG history especially the villain turned anti-hero Rio.  It was fun to see Jan clash against Rio.  The stories also involved to Rio's past, how he was corrupted and how he was redeemed.  Okay not that I praise every death scene, but the death scene here imo was one of the most best written ever in Sentai.  the Jan/Rio rivalry has Jan trying to reach out to Rio, Rio and his arrogance and I really just love how Rio is an honorable rival.  This added also the intensity of the Kenma Arc (those guys were really SOBs).  Also we later learn that Suugu is actually Dan, Jan's father which also for me is another conflict plot element.  I just love to think of how the rivalries here are written in fiction, yet you can relate some of it to real life.

Although he arrived later on, Long is one really cruel villain who ruined everyone.  I mean, he at first pretends to serve Rio but the audience KNOWS in some parts, he is a backstabbing villain.  And what I love about him in the plot is that he manipulated a lot of events behind the story.  I thought this guy is my favorite villain here in thos show.  The fact he's immortal and has a well-written story, makes all the suspense worth it to see the bastard curved into a ball forced to tormented by it.


  1. From the looks of it, I guess Long is comparable to Ribbons Almark from Gundam 00.


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