My Speculative Analysis of the Charm of Super Sentai

As a child who was born in 1985 and growing up in the 90s, I was thinking I just watched everything on TV and well if you wonder why I'm putting Bioman up there, it was my first Super Sentai!  But yeah, I don't want to re-air Bioman with all that stupid English dub, I want Japanese!  Bioman in itself was my first, Maskman, Fiveman, Turboranger, Jetman and Goggle V followed but sigh, I really hate to watch Sentai dubs now after being enlightened by real Japanese sources! =P

Moving on, I was thinking of the charm Super Sentai had as a franchise and why Power Rangers also became a real monster hit out of it!  While it does tick me off to why almost every Toku is labeled as Power Rangers (I can accept Sentai being called as the original Power Rangers) but let's really just keep the topic to the two shows which was part of me.  So rethinking of myself as that annoying brat child who caused trouble around (and imitated Kamen Rider Black and nearly broke my leg), I was somewhat fascinated about science fiction and well, anything that triggered my imagination as a child.  Which of course, I was upset with how TV networks can be so evil never to show the finales just to get ratings... GRRRRR!!!!

So one might consider the gimmicks that Super Sentai comes along which could go from mecha, to villains and the extra rangers which was fully introduced in Zyuranger and has been an ongoing trend which I want to be cut for awhile?  Super Sentai has been full of stuff to keep things fresh but consider it, nothing is fresh forever.  In fact some gimmicks just get pretty old they have to try new ones for better or for worse.  Power Rangers then came in and maybe, got that charm and well, PR toys sold here and there in the West and for Japan and some parts of Asia, Super Sentai toys.  The gimmicks usually either sell toys or to get ratings or both depending on what goes on.

For the open-minded Power Rangers fan, maybe it was for him that Super Sentai is Power Rangers' parent, he wants to see the original source even if its culturally different.  Yeah I know Super Sentai and Power Rangers are culturally different.  For the whole Power Rangers fan, maybe the whole charm of Super Sentai is because it's a part of what Power Rangers is.  I guess it's when they are older they understand why Power Rangers came to place, why Super Sentai clicked more with Asia and other stuff like that.  And maybe it's all part of feeling to belong for them.


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