Physical Strength Isn't Everything in a Sentai Warrior!

It's a pretty tired argument to always comment on "lack of buff" or this and that, or that so and so is weak regardless of gender.  But one thing we must understand is that Super Sentai is not a one man army but rather a team.  So you really think about these type of warriors who may not be physically strong but make up because of something else they have which is helpful in battle.

Most of the smart rangers are usually portrayed to be the less strong or the least strong in the physical sense but guess what?  Sometimes the stronger rangers are just plain not so good in thinking.  Sara in Flashman usually makes up for her lack of brute strength with her wits.  You might name other examples like Renn in Go-onger, Haruna in Turboranger, Mei in Zyuranger, Hikaru in Bioman, Chisato in Megaranger, Ayase in Timeranger and Sen in Dekaranger.  Yes they can fight but they win with most of their brains and subtle tactics!  Some can think of extraordinarily bizarre and be super kick ass like Jun and Haruka but it's very rare actually.  But yeah, brains beat brawn. =)

Another are the other weaker rangers.  For example, Kou himself is actually not all that badass or experienced but face it, he does always have some tricks on his sleeve.  Two, he is pretty nimble actually.  Sometimes being strong slows you down.

Most of the time the team leader isn't strongest.  In Timeranger, Domon is the strongest member.  In Zyuranger you have Goushi being stronger than Geki.  The leader is not known for being the smartest or the strongest, he is known for being able to gather the team together and know how to use all their strengths ans weaknesses.

Just my two cents!


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