Blog Cleaning Up- Removed Eye Candy Posts!

Well  would like to announce that I have removed several eye candy pages.  As said, they were not meant to be here which as said, eye candy is fine but this is not the right place.  So I really ended up not putting the eye candy at the right place.

On the other hand, here's the blog you should be visiting for anything related to your favorite Tokusatsu actors and actresses with eye candy available:

Sean Akizuki's Favorite Oriental Celebrities

The celebrities blog is what I am currently working on.  So some other celebrity posts here like Red Mask's family life will remain but for eye candy, the blog I just sponsored is where the eye candy should have been for some time.  Please do remember that the celebrities blog is NOT only limited to Japanese actresses but also Chinese and Korean.  I'll try to clean up my blogs whenever I can.


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