Remembering The Death of Mika Koizumi and Later Thuy Trang's

Tomorrow is Thuy Trang's death anniversary and it's been at least nine years since she passed away. Now I can't help but review the tragic Bioman episode which made me cry entitled "Farewell Yellow" when the first Yellow 4, Mika Koizumi died. Her passing away brings this episode to mind.

It was in this episode when Dr. Man managed to gather the deadly anti-bio particles from space which he intended to kill the whole team creating the deadly Bio Killer Gun. It managed to temporarily defeat Bio Robo. Mason attempted to kill Gou Shirou but Mika Koizumi took the shots instead. Sigh. I was really thinking that there was some chemistry between Mika Koizumi and Gou Shirou but she had to die. The revelation of its origins were fully revealed in episode 37 when Silver first appeared.

When she was hit, her bio powers are negated. Theoretically saying, the bio powers run in their blood so being hit by the anti-bio particle laser beam means... losing one's life force from within, more of an internal form of damage. Still, I can't help but wonder why Mika Koizumi was never out of suit. So maybe, like cancer, her blood got poisoned by the anti-bio particles. The Biomen did everything to save her, but she died. Realizing she was done for, Mika Koizumi bravely took the rest of the shots which soon severely weakened her.

It was pretty sadistic for Psygorn to actually blast Mika Koizumi with a fire bomb after the Bio Killer Gun ran out of ammunition. Still, I wonder why she didn't go out of suit here. But then Mika Koizumi's actress Yuki Yajima left abruptly, that can be understood.

At the end of the episode after the Biomen do a desperate attack on Chameleon Kans, Mika Koizumi while still on suit died. They give her a funeral scene where...

They get to see her hologram (from the end credits) when Bio Robo activates her computer brain before they go to give her what I assume might be a cremation.

Years later in 2001, Thuy Trang died too but it was by car accident. At least Thuy Trang didn't die like Mika Koizumi did. :-(

Later in Akibaranger, she was apparently remembered in the finale. Mika's ghost returned with Time Fire (and the episode "Circuit Unsure" in Time Force was dedicated to Thuy Trang) and Abare Killer. Coincidence anyone?

Updated on: December 3, 2014


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