Poll Result: Who Are Your Favorite Sentai Head Writers?

Here's the result as it should be revealed...

Top Three Winners:

Yasuko Kobayashi- 25/50 votes

I guess aside from the current Gobusters series is written by her, she is remembered also for Gingaman, Timeranger and Shinkenger as well.  I guess this is just an overrating vote due to Gobusters being the most current Sentai.

Naruhisa Arakawa- 22/50 votes

Nobody can deny that Naruhisa Arakawa's Gokaiger was just freaking awesome for most fans.  Or who can forget Abaranger and Dekaranger?  Yep I guess nobody can forget the excitement that Naruhisa Arakawa became Gokaiger's head writer.  Oh yeah I wonder if some who voted are also Kuuga watchers?

Toshiki Inoue- 17/50 votes

Well I guess these are Jetman fans or those who have enjoyed his being a sub-writer for several other series.  I guess nobody can also forget how he also worked with Dairanger's Jin arc and perhaps Gokaiger 28 (my least liked work from him IMO).  But he does deserve his tribute despite some burnouts he had.

Other results:

Hirohisa Soda- 13/50 votes

Noboru Sugimura (RIP)- 8/50 votes

Shouzo Uehara- 7/50 votes

Junichi Miyashita- 6/60 votes

Shou Aikawa- 6/60 votes

Susumu Takaku- 5/50 votes

Yoshio Urasawa- 5/50 votes

Michiko Yokote- 5/50 votes


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