So GoGo V Is Getting Subbed By Another Imagination Station

Based on Another Imagination Station's Facebook page, GoGo V is getting subbed very soon.  So what's my real point?  Now that I have quit acting like an expert on the matter (which I did in the past) and instead, decided to be myself... I am looking forward to Gogo Five's subs.  The fan sub group was responsible for the reason why I was able to watch Abaranger from start to end (and yes, I was only making assumptions that Mikoto was brainwashed and crazy, when he wasn't).

I will admit, the excitement is really practically "killing me".  I have seen some raw episodes of Gogo V but trying to understand from raw can be very annoying.  After the horror that is Magiranger (sorry for pretending to like it) and I am still wanting more Fiveman subs (I only saw it in Tagalog before), I am eager to actually see Gogo V with subs.  I'm thankful I haven't seen this series horribly murdered with awful Tagalog dubs!

What I always wanted to joke was how the costumes of Gogo V have resemblances with Fiveman's costumes.  Back then, I played the Lightspeed Rescue game on the Playstation One when I made that comparison and discovered the existence of Super Sentai all the more.  It was a nice game but I'm still more of a Super Sentai fan.  Fiveman was the very first sibling Super Sentai, Gogo V might be viewed (at least by me) as an "upgraded Fiveman".  I still wish for more Fiveman subs... where are they?  The same goes for Bioman!  Fortunately Maskman and Jetman have complete subs!

Meanwhile, I hope this project will meet the task of subbing it from start to end.


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