Yoshi Sudarso Meets Sentai Cast Members!

Although I'm not a fan of either Kyoryuger or Dino Charge (and I'm just a passing by Super Sentai fan) because well, neither show click for my personal preferences, but I'll give credit to Indonesian actor Yoshi Sudarso (who I am not really a fan of) for going to Japan and meeting Toei's cast and doing a great service for the fans of shows that I'm not a fan of.  As said, as of late I'm NEUTRAL with Power Rangers, I don't like it but I don't hate it.  

Yoshi Sudarso and Robert Baldwin

Oh wait!  Now I'm warming up to him for posing near my favorite Boukenger, Masayuki Deai!  I'll give him more credit for that.

Ninnin... Ninninger!  And Yuuka Yano's trying to stick herself out... but honestly neither show gets to me.

Double the blue ranger power... now only if these two could join forces to kick purist butt!  I may not like either show but, hey, give credit to its fans!

Hmmm... I'm so going to bet them Super Sentai purists and Power Rangers purists will still say, "Hey there was no warm reception!" type of B.S.  Huehuehuehuehue!


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