Aquatic Blue Rangers And Mermaids: Dyna Blue And Blue Lightspeed Ranger!

Well Power Rangers does get ideas from very old Super Sentai seasons then modifies them. Chad Lee himself feels like a huge tribute to Hirohisa Soda's aquatic blues like Yousuke Shima, Ryuta Nanbara and Ken Hoshikawa instead of his GogoFive counterpart Nagare Tatsumi. If we're going to go before Soda, Kinya Samejima had a shark motif going on. Chad being different than Nagare ended up introducing something new for Power Rangers.

Dynaman episode 11 has Yousuke meeting a mermaid and the enemy getting involved in this rather complicated situation. Jashinka plans to use the animals of the ocean to cause havoc towards the surface world. I wonder, did Yousuke have a crush on the mermaid during that episode? The mermaid like almost every other guest in Tokusatsu shows only appeared for one episode. There wasn't really much interaction but the idea was revived years later in Power Rangers.

Lightspeed Rescue did not have one but two episodes trying to explore Chad's and Marina's relationship as a possible couple before they parted ways. There might be some references to Maskman where a mermaid is tricked to do evil, nearly dies and goes back to the ocean but remember, Chad is a blue ranger and a water sportsman. If Dynaman's episode had Chimera, Lightspeed Rescue had Vypra another deceitful vixen to worry about. I'll still have to watch both series though to make a better comparison.

I guess Power Rangers does have its own fair share of ideas from the Takeyuki Suzuki era.


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