So We're Getting A Zyuohger And Kamen Rider Ghost Crossover

Picture taken from Orends Range

While reading Orends Range, a few days ago the blog revealed that that Zyuohger was getting a crossover with Kamen Rider Gaim. In the past, we have Kamen Rider Decade meeting Shinkenger, ToQGer meeting Kamen Rider Gaim and last year's Kamen Rider Drive meeting the Ninningers. In the case of the Ninningers, they also appeared in the Kamen Rider Drive Grand Prix film though the movie treated the previous crossover independent from the Drive/Ninninger crossover.

If you remember how the three Super Sentai/Kamen Rider crossovers were made, two were TV specials while the first one didn't. Kamen Rider Decade's version of the crossover happened when the cast of Decade enter into the World of Shinkenger. The Decade/Shinkenger crossover happened as two episodes of Decade. Later, they tried the movie concept twice with ToQGer/Gaim and Drive/Ninninger each with varying results. I'll admit that all of them had their charm but I really couldn't warm up too much with ToQGer/Gaim.

Other details from Orends Range include the following, "In short, Ghost will appear in Zyuohger's 7th episode and the Zyuohgers will appear in Kamen Rider Ghost's 24th episode. To put it simply, it is still a one-hour crossover and it will still air on March 27th." Unlike Decade and Shinkenger which happened as two separate episodes that aired on July 12, 2009 and July 19, 2009 it will happen side by side. My wild guess is that both Zyuohger and Ghost will still have their regular airing. That is, we're going to get the regular broadcast where one show guest stars in the other. I hope that this crossover will work better than Shinkenger/Decade.


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