Super Sentai Rangers Named After Their Portrayers

In Super Sentai, some Super Sentai rangers were named after their actor or actresses. Here's a list of who I can remember:

Diane Martin was named after her actress Diane Martin. I'll always find that to be very funny.

Ryuusuke Oowashi was named after the singer Ryuusuke Kawasaki. Takayuki Hiba was named after the actor Takayuki Godai. Kinya Shijima was named after the actor Kinya Sugi and Asao Hyou was named after Asao Kobayashi.

Megumi Misaki was named after her actress Megumi Mori. Why couldn't they name Hurricane Blue as Nao after Nao Nagasawa?

Kasumi Momochi is named after Kasumi Yamaya.

Missed any? Let me know!


  1. Mai (ChangePhoenix) from Changeman had the same name as her actress along with Akira(DenziPink) from Denziman, though I'm not sure about DenziPink however.


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