Zyuohger 26: The Zyuohgers Attend A Friend's Wedding!

In this episode, we learn more of Yamato's past. When I think of this episode, I feel like that Gaoranger didn't have much exploration of Kakeru's life prior to becoming a vet. We get to see Yamato's life prior to becoming a zoologist. So at least, we're seeing Kakeru's concept getting improved 15 years after Gaoranger. 

In this episode, we're seeing Bulgay isn't someone you should mess up with. He's planning to kill Yamato's friend to further hurt our hero. I'm wondering is Genis a freaking idiot not to keep an eye on this guy and think it's just making the game "more interesting"? I feel like anytime soon, Genis might get temporarily overthrown like what happened to Sledge in Power Rangers Dino Charge. We might even see Yamato do more dangerous out of suit scenes than just him doing some jump kicks.

Speaking of wedding whacking episodes, I feel like a lot of times there was always a plot to ruin love. In this episode, Bulgay is more concerned about hurting Yamato than it is a Dr. Evil type of scheme. I think I really like Bulgay as a villain since he hatches more plans against the Gokaiger than the typical Dr. Evil type of schemes that Super Sentai villains are known for.

A bit of sidenote, I admit that everyone was trying to look as well-dressed but the Leo and Tusk look too retro and not so formal for the year 2016. I guess the other Zyuohgers minus Misao still have a lot to learn about our world huh?


  1. Amu did look really cute and sexy in this episode, though..... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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