Zyuohger Episode 23: Things Are Getting More Explosive Isn't It?!

Zyuohger is just starting to get interesting in some way. We've got Misao who's trying to regain his confidence and now we've got Bunglay. I feel like Bunglay will be the new game-changing villain for Zyuohger. Since he's pretty much working on his own, will this result to Master Genis getting overthrown or what? It's just my speculation but I can't wait to see the game change literally.

Cruizer shows up and starts another Michael Bay-type rampage. Like I want to joke, did Toei really get Michael Bay to help them? Then again, don't be too surprised because Dynaman really overused explosions a lot during the 80s. While he's out there having fun, Bunglay arrives as a pretty threatening villain. The monster wasn't anything special. I did wish that Bunglay blew him up and started to really show the Zyuohgers who's boss.

The Zyuohgers do feel the threat itself while watching the fireworks display. I can't help but feel excited to what plot development could happen. Knowing that Bunglay works by himself, he might soon betray Genis. 

Well the excitement is going to hit on big time. There's the Zyuohger Summer Movie and next week, we'll learn more of Yamato's life as his mother appears. It's just getting more exciting with better cast members, script writers and what can I say? I'm still super positive about Zyuohger!


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