Zyuohger Episode 25: Camera Capture Anyone?

After Yamato gets really hurt from the last episode, everyone tries to cheer him up. Misao buys this "happy camera" unaware it's some kind of scheme. I find this to be a rehash of the Jetman plot where Maria sought to capture people and collect her in her album. Unlike the Jetman episode, a seemingly harmless camera is used to play the game instead of turning all cameras into a deadly tool. 

Meanwhile, Kubald has some conflict with Bulgay. There's really something going on to keep the plot interesting. I'm wondering who in the world or who in the universe or what in the universe destroyed Kubald's planet? I'm suspecting something that Bulgay may be planning to overthrow Genis and may temporarily succeed. That's just my hunch.

It's time to try and develop both Leo and Misao in this episode. I could still remember four episodes ago, we had Misao and Tusk in some conflict. I have to admit I wish Misao will mature from his self-pity state soon. It could turn annoying and may end up as failed comedy.

For the end credits, I'm glad to see some Super Sentai seniors participate in the dance. Sorry for the lower quality picture.


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