Zyuohger 29: Finally! Celebrating Super Sentai's 2,000th Episode! The Conclusion Of The Clash Of Two Anniversaries!

Last week celebrated the 1,999th episode of Super Sentai. As said, Carranger failed to celebrate the 999th to 1,000th episode with a bang for some reason. So what's in store for this two part crossover which I'll dub as "Zyuohger VS. Gokaiger"? It's one huge anniversary that wasn't given to Super Sentai. Plus, I'm glad that we didn't have it like what we had with Kamen Rider OOO's celebration of Kamen Rider's 1,000th episode.

I thought it was a clash of two red rangers done in a more epic way. It's not the first time though we saw red rangers clash. If you've seen Carranger vs. Ohranger, Timeranger vs. GoGoFive, Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and Shinkenger vs. Go-onger you can see the red rangers clash. In this case, they're redoing it with Captain Marvelous and Yamato. It's always been because one team is different than the other and I enjoyed all their clashing scenes. Yamato shows he can really fight even if he didn't have much combat training prior to becoming an Zyuohger.

What sort of "bothers" me or at least, makes me want to question this is that: why are Super Sentai teams usually not aware of each other's existence even in the crossover movies? Plus, Gai Ikari knew about the later Super Sentai... how did he get all that information anyway? Did Aka Red feed him all that information or is this another "break the fourth wall" moment? It's not really explained to why Gai Ikari knew of the Zyuohgers' existence or if he was really on Earth or did he go to space for some time. But it was entertaining nonetheless and I sometimes like moments where audiences are left to decide on the plot. I don't think Toei will offer an official explanation and wants all their viewers to imagine why.

Here's some cameo villains. So Bulgay's tapped into the head of Marvelous but come on, why are the post-Gokaiger villains appearing? I guess it's because they were using the Ranger Keys of the post-Gokaiger seasons (before returning it) so I guess they had a bit of idea of what's going on. I could understand why we have Doukoku and Brajira but Zed, Enter and Deboth?! But these aren't the real people but just doppelgangers meant by Bulgay to attack the Zyuohgers and Gokaigers. It was a fun battle in some way. 

The heroes spread out and do the usual, "Let's take care of all of them in pairs." which can be seen in some crossovers. The last crossover I remembered I did that was Boukenger VS. Super Sentai and the Gokaiger Hero 199 Movie. Granted, both Boukenger and Gokaiger are huge anniversary seasons. Gaoranger didn't have that one. I don't think it's possible to have a Gaoranger crossover either unless all the actors were willing. But I'd still want to see a Gaoranger cast member guest star either as a guest character or reprise their role even in just one episode. 

What was even more interesting (or not) is that Yamato gains a third form. He inherits Cetas' power which for me is... WHY AREN'T THE OTHER ZYUOHGERS GETTING COOL UPGRADES? As much as the show is enjoyable but I'm nitpicking on how the show tends to center on Yamato when it comes to giving out the new merchandise. It was a cool upgrade nonetheless with how Cetas' ancient power can still be put to use in this day and age.

I do find this Zyuoh Final to be one cheesy move. It's also very dangerous. I hope that the producers and writers will find a way to "tame this power" because of the whole "chipped a portion of the moon" thing. Also, I hope that the other Zyuohgers can help out in taming this extremely dangerous power. As much as it's a Super Sentai Moment of Badass but I think writers still need to find a way to tame this power. Keep it the way it is and the whole Universe is in peril.

What's interesting is that Bulgay taps Golgos Gill (who didn't exist in Gokaiger nor the Super Hero Taisen movies) out of the memories of the Gokaigers. This results to a crazy giant robot battle or not. I thought that we could have had doppelgangers of Ackdos Gill and his son Warz Gill for this episode.

When the Gokaigers form Tousai Wild King, the Gokaigers land in the cockpit. It created a flashy finishing move that we may never see again but I do have some criticism. I wanted to see both robots together instead of the combined cockpit idea from GoGoFive vs. Gingaman and Shinkenger vs. Go-onger. I guess the writers wanted to but time was the constraint. I can't say what was really going on but at least, we got a crossover exclusive cool attack with amazing CGI effects attached to it. So it's 40 seasons of Super Sentai.

So we see the Gokaigers prepare to leave the Earth because well there's no treasure they could find. They gave up the Greatest Treasure in the Universe because it would harm the timeline they're in. The Zyuohgers have what they're looking for and I can't wait to see Zyuoh Whale by next week. What kind of cruel mischief will Bulgay unleash on our heroes next?

It's really funny that they forgot about Navi. I wonder will Navi be rescued off-screen? Hopefully. As for "waiting for the 3000th episode" well, that's going to be a long, long time. I guess they wanted an inside-joke or something. I guess I could ask them the challenge of, "Are you willing to sit through from Goranger up to Zyuohger episode 28 non-stop?" My answer is no. I may like Super Sentai but I can't really compromise the more important stuff for it. But it can still fun to watch Super Sentai regardless of era it belongs during one's spare time regardless of age. It's not about old school or new school but it's about the quality of writing and production that makes it good. 

So how many super old school, old school and new school Super Sentai have I seen? Based on this list of Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end, I think I've seen around 1,507 episodes (based on estimate) out of the 2,000 episodes. I haven't seen of Goranger, JAKQ, Denziman, Goggle V, Dynaman, Changeman, Flashman, Kakuranger (which I think I've seen more than half of it) and Goseiger (but I may resume viewing it soon after I gave up on it halfway) from start to end. I've seen how quality goes up and down depending on circumstances. If we have good writers and producers then we can expect something better. If not, one should prepare for the worst to happen. 

Overall, it was a nice crossover episode. You can't mess with the heroes of justice and get away with it. Next week, I'm expecting another epic clash. Oh... it's almost time for Kamen Rider EX-AID to make his debut next month on October 2, 2016! Will I end up saying "EX-AID is way better than Zyuohger?" I can't decide yet but I'm having my preconceived biases at work at this point of time. 


  1. I don't think the Grand Champion cube is the Greatest Treasure in the universe, I'm pretty sure its most likely the third.....LMAO

  2. Sean the next Sentai is SPACE THEMED its called Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger.

  3. I feel a little disappointment to this anniversary. It just looks like Zyuohger vs Gokaiger, and I only find the past Sentai logo in pop-up effect at the last battle, and Gokaiger tells about the history of Sentai, that's all, no any anniversary meaning, I think.

    1. Well nothing's perfect after all. I can accept its flaws as well. So how do you think it didn't have any meaning to the anniversary?

    2. I also don't know how to say. But when I watch the 25th, 30th and 35th anniversary, I feel very nostalgic. It may because of some past Sentai included and talked the newest Sentai how the past Sentai fought for the earth. However, this 2000 episodes anniversary mostly talks about the history of Zyuland, that's I think Zyuohger is able to done the episode themselves without Gokaiger.

      And for that reason, Gokaiger seems like the passers, not guest star. All of us know that Gokaiger is able to transform to any Sentai, so their transformation to the past Sentai is not surprising, or maybe no nostalgic at all.

      Well, it's all my opinion

    3. Speaking of Gokaiger, as much as I think it's a great anniversary season but there are times I just feel it's overrated by a lot of its fans. It's a nice anniversary but I wouldn't say it's the greatest series.

      For Gaoranger and Boukenger, I don't feel all that nostalgic except for their VS. Super Sentai movies.

    4. Yeah, that's what I meant. I meant the VS Super Sentai movies, they are nostalgic, while this 2,000 episodes anniversary is not nostalgic at all.

  4. Last series which should have been a anniversary but wasn't was Ninninger and it had various past Sentai alumnis from scattered guest starring even
    Outside of Super Sentai Jiraiya showed up. With several past Sentai mentors from the summer ZyuOhger Theactrical movie. This is a treat to have a Gokaiger two parter with all past 6 members!
    The current series may be a 40th anniversary but it is almost a independent one connected to the past series that concentrate on it's own stories without any of the past Sentai guest star. Overall ZyuOhger is a return to a good series with story telling as it misses out the Super Sentai phenomena with past guest stars.

    1. However, I do hate Ninninger characters, except Fuuka and Nagi

    2. As much as I don't like Ninninger but Fuuka's a cute character.

    3. Both of the Ninninger girls are hot sad that they are young.
      The trend started with Gokaigers with Gokai Pink and to current Sentai. Unfortunately most of these girls where born during Jetman's airing or MMPR first airing. They where born when we where teenagers.

  5. The thing about Yamato had his 3rd upgrade really bothers me but somehow i understand why other Zyuohger didnt get the upgrade. Maybe because Sela, Leo, Tusk, and Amu, each of them represents their animals since they born and they cant change their animals. Yamato on other hand, is a human. So he is kind of "universal" (correct my term if wrong) and easily adapt his eagle, gorilla, and whale form. Other than that, including giving him the only weapon, Eagle Riser, i agree with you.

    1. I even want to think, "Utsunomiya, hello this isn't Sun Vulcan!" when I think about it. I just thought that red-centric is easier than getting everyone's distribution done properly.

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