Zyuohger 31: Pancakes And... THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE?!

After four episodes of epic action, we're back to typical Super Sentai episodes with villains launching their necessary to keep the show going half-brained schemes. In this episode, the monster of the week Omoteura flips everyone's darker side and amplifies it.

I don't know if the pancakes were intentional or not. If you cook pancakes you must flip it at both sides. The Zyuohgers were having pancakes in this episode prior to the battle with Omoteura. The end also had them eating pancakes. But I guess it's a gag for the flipside.

The whole plot was to raise conflict and the Zyuohgers got the first taste. The Deathgaliens may have already been planning to turn the nations of the world against each other as evidenced by this episode. I'm glad that Misao is starting to get some development than the whiny guy he was after he was set freed from his mind control. Hopefully, we'll see Misao mature for the better since he tends to become the show's weakest link.


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