Zyuohger 34: Something's Whaly With Bangray's Plan!

Bangray's back and nobody knows when he's going to show up next. Bangray wanted to get Cube Whale and the decoy plan doesn't work. What I like about Bangray is how genuinely threatening he is... from manipulating memories to actually finding out the obvious trick. He planned to bait out Cube Whale with his latest attacks.

I still can't wait to find out what's the exact connection between Kubar and Bangray. Bangray used Kubar's memories to create the clones. He countered all the attempts to attack him. Now only if the show can give us a little more detail on what this past was.

Sidenote, I'm just hoping Bangray comes up with an even deadlier scheme. The Zyuohgers are in a pickle yet again. Yamato got caught and Bangray demanded Cube Whale in exchange for Yamato's life. How the crisis will be solved is still due next week.


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