Zyuohger 36: Tusk's The Prince Of Halloween

So far, this is the first Halloween Super Sentai episode. In the past, I remembered that Power Rangers had a few Halloween specials namely in Mighty Morphin Season 1, Mighty Morphin Season 2 and Power Rangers Zeo which I saw way back in the 90s. There was also Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Dino Charge which I intend to skip. I don't find this episode to be that memorable either but it was fun in its own way.

I guess this episode is a Public Service Announcement in how immature children are and that they don't really know much. This episode involved Tusk saving a girl who suddenly developed a crush on him. The Zyuohgers also go dressed up in costumes to which Leo and Amu take it too far by dressing up as a maid and as a magician. I don't know what jokes are being implicated as some crossdressing tends to happen in Super Sentai.

The monster of the week is called Sambaba with the flame dancing. I wish that Azald had a Halloween related player instead. We get to see Tusk and Amu team up which was to make the child forget abut Tusk. In the end, I guess the child mistook Amu for a guy. Nothing special, just a filler. But next week will be a pretty exciting chapter of Zyuohger as the Birdman shows up yet again.


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