Zyuohger 39: Huge Calories And A Lover?!

I don't care if Zyuohger's ratings have hit low but I like the season. Okay, you know I'm getting irritated by Misao but the rest of the Zyuohgers are pretty good. So here's a bit of the summary. Sela falls for a guy who's played by Hiroaki Iwanaga. If you don't know him he was a regular character in Kamen Rider OOO as Akira and he was also playing the second Shaider. 

The episode has a reference to Willy Wonka in some way. People who eat the delicious cooking of the monster Chefdon. On the other hand, there's something that Kubar is planning to do with the late Bangray's hand. It turns out that Sela's lover was not only a con artist but an illusion generated from Kubar's new power. Although he tried to con her so the enemy can do divide and conquer but he does gain some heart in the end. Sela doesn't know that he's just a created illusion though. 

Seeing Sela fire the gun out of suit and then do the standard morph fight scene was pretty good. Although I wish she actually force fed the food to the Chefdon so he could be destroyed. That could have been a good turn from the usual tide.

Next week, Leo will be teaching karate. Okay, we've seen the Zyuohger main cast do some out of suit fights. I guess Leo will probably stay unmorphed for a huge duration of the show. I can't wait to see it!


  1. Boring episode with boring character like Sela, yes rating is come from Japan where this series is produced, so it reflect the taste of Japanese audience about this show.


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