Zyuohger 40: Leo Teaches True Manliness!

As expected, this week's episode is quite an improvement from the last one. Last week wasn't all too good but this week... Leo shines again. Is it me or does Leo seem to get a lot of good plots? Here he teaches a child what it means to be a man.

We're addressing the issue of bullying and why you shouldn't fight back. The child tried to fight back but Leo stops him telling him that real men don't enact revenge. I'm reminded of that Maskman episode where a bullied child learns what true strength really is about. 

Leo also does some out of suit beating up the monster before the others help him finish the job. It was nice to see him do the same thing against Sumotron but here he gets a little more spotlight. I wish though that he made the monster so badly hurt before joining the others to finish it. 

Next week, Genis finally shows up in person to attack the Zyuohgers in person. What secrets about Kubar will soon be revealed? What's Genis going to do this time? I can't wait to find out!


  1. Leo and Amu have always been my fave Zyuohgers.


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