Zyuohger 41: Kubar's Past Is Partly Revealed!

This week's Zyuohger starts to reveal a little more about Kubar. Why was he planning to betray Master Genis? It turns out that no surprise or surprise (take your pick) that he actually lost his people to Genis during one of the Blood Games. I guess that makes him angry as ever to realize that he's been manipulated. He uses the arm of the deceased Bangray to get more memories and to attack the Zyuohgers. He also sets a brilliant scheme to try and defeat the others.

Genis has a pretty cool transformation after he uses Cube Whale's data. Kubar reveals to Genis that the former already knew the truth. This doesn't sit too well and Genis reveals a pretty badass transformation making everyone chill their spines. To prove he's no pushover he also has the memories created by Kubar to go after the latter. It also turns out that an illusion of Misao was created.

Surprising or not, Misao is held somewhere. I really feel bad about what happened. So he's badly beaten and what's going to happen next?

Next episode, is this man... Yamato's father?! I can't wait to see it!


  1. This sounds like Changeman's Gouzma Empire with the villains being a minion inorder to ask for some errand of mercy of their home world.


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