Zyuohger 42: Yamato's Daddy Issues And Kubar's End!

It's too predictable that the man Yamato meets in the hospital is his estranged father. Yamato's had it rough seeing his mother die in front of him and his father's a pretty cold individual. This raises the question whether or not Yamato and his father will reconcile. I'll be writing a post on Sentai warriors with father issues so watch out for it.

It's been several episodes and Misao annoys me with his pessimistic attitude. Then again, it's a reflection of my self-doubt that tends to kill me. Still, I find him to be my least liked character. He's gotten hurt no thanks to Kubar. But after seeing his friends fight Kubar, he manages to get a temporary boost. My problem with Zyuohger right now is how long did it take them to actually get him to develop from his pessimistic state? Hopefully this is a mistake that won't be carried on to future installments of Super Sentai. 

Next week is a Christmas Day episode. My short review may come out pretty late. Hopefully Super Sentai will get out of the slump it's in.


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