My Thoughts On Dynaman In 36 Episodes

It's been some time since I haven't really done any update on Michael Bay Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. Millionfold Curiosity has released Dynaman episodes 20-36. I thought I'd do an update post on Dynaman after I saw 20 episodes but instead, it ends up with me writing on an update after I saw 36 episodes. Just a reminder: I won't be doing old school episode reviews since I'll be doing a marathon in sharp contrast to the weekly episode reviews based on Super Sentai's episode of the week. So just be ready for random Dynaman related posts instead of episode reviews.

What do I think of Dynaman after 36 episodes? I still can't help but joke that it's Michael Bay's production even if it isn't. The reason would be the huge explosions and maybe the clunky looking mecha. I could talk about a couple of stuff that I really find enjoyable about this series. While I didn't really find Battle Fever J and Sun Vulcan to be all that entertaining but I think Hirohisa Soda really knew how to take Super Sentai to the next level during the 80s starting with Goggle V. After watching more episodes it might be safe to say I have no intention of rewatching the Dynaman Parody Dub.

If I'm to pick my favorite character from the show it's actually Hokuto Dan or Dyna Red. I guess it's all about his rivalry with Prince Megiddo that makes him fun to watch. I can't forget that episode he gets stuck in that dilemma in a motor race or just about any dilemma he manages to solve. The episode where he's stuck with Evolved Mammoth is also another Sentai Badass Moment. I wanted to pick Yousuke Shima or Dyna Blue as my favorite but Hokuto appeals to me more. It's also fun to see the rest of the team do their stuff.

The Evilution Empire really has a lot of its whack jobs in their quest to dominate humankind. It's fun to see the petty rivalry between Prince Megiddo and his witch bitch cousin Princess Chimera. Both Megiddo and Chimera would sometimes put their differences aside in order to defeat a common foe. The rise of the Mecha Evolution Beasts arc was also fun to watch as the Dynamen seek to defeat the monsters together with a new fighting technique.

So it's episode 36 and episode 37-38 would soon feature the arrival of the legendary bitch witch General Zenobia. I've read that she wanted to assassinate Emperor Aton so she could become the wicked empress herself. I already know some of the plots like Megiddo's getting disowned by his own father and returning under the alias of Dark Knight. I can't wait to actually see more of what I've already known and understand what really happened. It would be fun for me to finally understand events like how Prince Megiddo escaped and became the Dark Knight, how General Karr got framed up, or how in the world did Zenobia die after she got the tenth tail?

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for more subs of Changeman and Flashman from Grown Ups In Spandex, Timeranger from Over-Time before the official DVD release comes out (we're in the Naoto Takizawa introduction arc now), more Janperson subs from Megabeast Empire and hopefully I'll be able to see Exceedraft from Sailor Otaku.


  1. Dan Hakuto is very much a explosive(no pun intended) version of Ippei Akagi Denzi Red. A Master of most fighting style of course he is a Kenjutsu master.

    Of course Ryu Hoshikawa is the biggest fan favorite with his high defying stunts as a ninja master.

    The Evilution Empire is a early draft of Tube, missing link of the human race. Also the Evilution is the second to do gene splicing to create their monsters.

    Unlike most Super Sentais. Dynaman is the most pure form of Sentai with no characteristics of Animals, Cars or shapes.

    The uniform is baseball themed. Dairanger would also get that suit design again.

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    1. Sorry I don't give out links for online viewing. Only for fansubs. =(


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