Ryusoulger 17: The Captured Strong Guy

Well, I'd like to apologize for the now slowing down weekly reviews for this reason -- Overtime subs has been having delays in releasing the Ryusoulger subs. Also, I have been having some real-life issues going on. Now, it's time for a review that focuses on Mosarex. That's why I'm using the Jurassic World picture there!

As we remember last week -- Gachileus bit the dust. Poor Creon thinketh that Wizeru has been gone. Surprise, Wizeru is still back! I guess he never saw Wizeru just simply run away. Now, on for the main scenario...

There's a young child named Kentaro who wants to look for a rainbow. Canaro is initially uninterested until a cute girl appears. But looks can be deceiving, right?

I have to admit I did laugh at the "undressing" scenario which turneth out to be Wizeru in disguise. The whole stunt alloweth him to use Ghost Ship Menasaur to capture the said creature. I wonder did Wizeru watch Jurassic World 2 before he showed up?

Meanwhile, Canaro and the group are on their way to try to find the possible location that Mosarex was taken by Wizeru. At times like this -- I just realized I SUCK at map reading and had to study double time when it came to those exams! Anyway, moving on...

It turneth out that Ghost Ship Menasaur is now afflicting people with a deadly plague. This really is a nightmare scene even if there's nothing gory going on. 

The hospital is full of people suffering from the plague. Okay, it's not that bad but I'd hate to be in their condition. The Ryusoulgers rush in so they can do an investigation of the current plague.

It turneth out that Kentaro's teacher at cram school is sick. It's too predictable though that she hath been the Menasaur's latest host. Canaro getteth the hots over the picture of a woman who we are yet to see. Hmmm... is Banba now having competition with women here?

Meanwhile, Ui and her father Tatsui are looking for some kind of rainbow shell. It seemeth to talk about Ui's mother who could be dead before the series started. I'm just glad that these two aren't used for mere comic relief. Hmmm is it me or are these two actually more utilized than the family that teacheth the Gingamen about city life?

Are there more Jurassic World references here, anyone? Wizeru has some of the footsoldiers take in some fish to try and hypnotize the Mosarex into working for them. Shouldn't they get sharks instead like the feeding scene of the Mosasaur in the Jurassic World movie? 

This scene also has Tyramigo save the Ryusoulgers from an incoming sand blast. However, this is short-lived but it shows his dedication. This would soon seriously handicap the others. Ryusoul Red, Ryusoul Pink get buried into the sand. Ryusoul Green trieth to use water to free them but it gets even more disadvantageous later. 

Meanwhile, it turneth out that Mosarex is still loyal to his companion Canaro. There's also something interesting about Banba here. There seems to be yet another connection developing between the human world and the Ryusoul Tribe members. Are the Ryusoulgers actually extraterrestrials themselves? 

Meanwhile, desperate times call for desperate measures. Ryusoul Red, Ryusoul Pink, and Tyramigo are still stuck in the sand. This would cause a disadvantage when Tyramigo himself couldn't move properly due to all that sand. It's a brilliant move by the villains except they always fail to grab the opportunity later.

The rescue scene of Mosarex really has a lot of fun. It turneth out that Mosarex can combine with Dimevolcano. They call each other brothers though it's probably just a friendly term. The combination called Spino Thunder looks well, weird. But I guess weird-looking mecha really sells most of the time, huh?

There seemeth to be another revelation from Banba's past. Granted, Ryusoul Tribe members age way slower and Canaro's sister Oto is but a child at 100+ years old. So I wonder, did Banba have a human girlfriend? The beautiful old woman mentioneth she dated someone who looked line Banba. Banba is quite emotional here. Did he dump her all of a sudden and for what reason? Was it because their lifespans were too different? Hmmm...

It's somewhat implied that Banba did date the old woman after all. Canaro doth realize that yup it was a beautiful old woman -- not a young woman. I kinda laughed at this scene. Meanwhile, Creon is still stuck in the sand somewhere. 

Next week doth look interesting. Suddenly, there's a clash between Banba and Canaro. Then you have the Ryusoulgers who will temporarily lose their ability to morph. I wonder are the cast members really that desperate to show off that they can do their stunts? Granted, Super Sentai (and in extension, Power Rangers) don't feature the suitless fight scenes except when the plot calleth for it. 


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