The Gorma Emperor's Glory

The Gorma Emperor was one of the villains I feel deserves a spotlight in my blog and now I've written it to give him credit he due deserves as one of the most interesting villains in history. He is acted by Munemaru Kouda, the one who acted as the vile Dr. Man in Bioman.

It is established he is the fifteenth emperor and he somehow usurped the throne from the fourteenth either by rightful succession or by murder. Being endowed with powers probably greater than Bandora had made him insane to the point of killing almost everything he could to maintain his position.

In episode 20, he mysteriously resurfaced and felt that only he could restore his empire to glory. Cold, sadistic and with a sick sense of humor made him very unorthodox for U.S. TV villains which may be the reason why Haim Saban chose to create a newer villain than use his footage. He was also the one to return to his Chamber of Command which was his before.

So he reappeared and has decided to run things himself. With a lot of evil energy, he decides to send Akomaru with the three sisters, Earring, Necklace and Ring to try and deal with the Dairangers as to get the job done. He was also trying to ensure that Kou doesn't become a Dairanger and will become part of them to control Won Tiger as well as the rest of the chi beasts which he can use to conquer the world as he intended.

He also does show his foolishness and arrogance when he dares to defy Daijinryuu's requests for peace between the two which is a bad move because he was dealing with the cosmic enforcer which was no way his personal mecha. For a short time, he swallows his pride but not for long. Suspicious of everybody, he ends up wanting to ensure Shaddam's death discovering he was temporarily given life through the Earthshaking Crystal and was about to be overthrown as he needed an energy charge to survive.

Eventually he was forced to fight against Shaddam to which he lost. He was reduced into clay dust which apparently he was either nothing more than a replica of the former emperor or was a host body of the former emperor as suggested since Shaddam (who was also clay) created the copies to transfer the souls of the original generals but made a fake Gara. However even as a puppet, he was a really cool, evil man.


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