An Inside Look at Inou Masumi

After writing about Guy Yuuki, I feel Inou Masumi or Bouken Black deserves a tribute to be what I'd say a new alternative after a long time sentai doesn't present a very confrontational member. He does pay homage to Black Turbo with his advanced hammer weapon as well.

He and Guy Yuuki are unique in many ways but they do share the similarity of being the "rebel character" who dares to question the leader and is jealous for many particular reasons and at times, a sub-chief who tries to keep the group together. Both are also tough fighters who use unorthodox fighting techniques in battle.

As a child, he encountered Yaiba of Dark Shadow who would become his frequent rival when he grew up which is more unique than Guy Yuuki's rivalry with Grey as both are much darker. He joined the Boukengers but he had a plan of his own to make a profit- which is until he saw the importance of the mission. He had a rather tough personality which he dares to challenge Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red at times whenever he disagreed. Perhaps he was angered at the fact that Sakura Nishihori likes Satoru Akashi instead.

He also had an ally in Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow which is quite implied the two are an item or something but the actor admits that's not the case. Maybe. Well, the two are somewhat getting out the unused potential scenes between Guy Yuuki and Ako Hayasaka in Jetman. The case is that the two are however allies from the start. He doesn't show any further feelings for Sakura Nishihori as Guy Yuuki would would Kaori Rokumeikan in Jetman but he did have feelings for her early on. However the idea wasn't taken too far

There was always the "darkness" in him that Yaiba took advantage of every time they had a clash. Inevitably, it was used by Yaiba during episode 45-46. In episode 46, Yaiba uses his darkness within to try and turn him against the others but he does succeed. He however was temporarily overcome by the darkness during his battle with Yaiba which causes him to leave the team for awhile.

While trying to fight his darkness, Natsuki Mamiya helps him recover who he is which he does. He also does the most daring thing since Jetman, he finally brings out the Dual Crusher even if they can't henshin for awhile which he with the other four (since Satoru Akashi is thought to be dead) use to try and defeat Desperado. He leads them in the second to the last battle which he finds his true destiny- a hero of justice.

In the final episode, he also does aid his rival Satoru Akashi who was about to be killed by Gaja. Later on, he seems to have settled his differences with the others especially during the Boukenger vs. Gekiranger special.


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