The Rage of Daijinryuu/Serpentera

Nobody can deny this iconic character in Dairanger- the power of Daijinryu. He was neither Gorma or Dai but he was a sentient entity assigned by the gods to watch over the balance. For so long he remained asleep but he awakened during the Gorma threat when he had a full power charge to attack the Earth and demand the war to be stopped to preserve the cosmic peace of the Universe itself.

I am amazed to see that such a powerful entity was so huge (and sadly, Saban reduced him to a family car that frequently used up power) that it could destroy planets as evidenced when he first appeared. I mean that fire blast is so devasting thanks to his size being far bigger than any giant characters. I think he's even bigger than Vulgyre in Fiveman.

He spoke in an audible voice and threatened to destroy the Earth if the war between Gorma and the Dairangers didn't stop at all. The Gorma and the Dairangers had to call a truce but Shaddam tried to convert his son Kou to a full Gorma causing him to return.

It was mighty cowardly of him to put Tokyo and the rest of the world under a spell until Jiaxu returned to counter the spell. Towards the end, he appeared at the Gorma Palace and destroyed it and was finally appeased with the lailai jewels and the great earthshaking jewel were scattered acting upon their own will.


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