Red Turbo: Hidden Power?

Honestly it's hard for me not to write a tribute to the red ranger with seemingly the most hidden power namely Riki Honoo or Red Turbo. He is one delinquent ranger student but man does he have all that hidden power which I will explain why. This is one blog entry you shouldn't miss for those who enjoyed Turboranger.

Ever since he got his GT Sword, that magnificent GT Crash move has almost become a savior in many tough situations like against Noporo Boma. Another is where he is the one who could survive the most injuries especially in tough battles against rivals like Zimba, Yamimaru and Professor Leda.

Okay let's move on to his real power against the enemy. During episode 28, he is the first one to regain the ability to henshin and survived a rather tough battle with Zimba ending it with a GT Crash. In episode 30, he could survive against Leda, Ragorn's most powerful minion in a one-on-one battle where the deathtraps were laid, even with the ghosts of Jarmin and Zimba showing up. He ends up defeating Leda singlehandedly as well.

The most amazing part of Riki is when he actually does fight Ragorn one on one when Yamimaru and Kirika forced him to and they were both trapped by a red thread barrier. It's rare to see a red ranger tackle on the enemy leader alone and WIN. He even managed to mortally wound Ragorn and survive that difficult ordeal which is crazy but amazing. (Deserves awesometicity)

Actually it's also amazing how he keeps going on even when the team lost their abilities, again or how he shows such power, even in the finale when he pulled out his comrades from another yet sticky situation when he performed a GT Crash on the resurrected Ragorn which drives them to the final part of the battle.

Overall, this red ranger seemed to be hiding whatever power was in him. Later such abilities were souped up for Red Racer in Carranger or even Deka Red in Dekaranger.


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