Shinkenger? Let's Wait and See!

Honestly I have to admit I really lost interest in some modern sentai just like I lost some interest in the past sentai because NOT all of them do have the "click factor" to soar that high to really deserve much praise for me. But I hope this one will do better than Go-onger and Gekiranger which for me may click with other people.

Lately this 2009 there will be Shinkenger. This may be a modern version of Kakuranger or maybe even Bioman or Gingaman. Actually, it may be a mixture and hopefully, the genre will liven up even better than Boukenger. As far as concerned, the powers seem cliche at some point but it's a long time since Gingaman to have that.
This is a preview of their robot. If you ask me, it seems to be a modern version of the Battle Fever Robo. Quite a long time that we had a shogun-like robot.

I can't wait to see!!!


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