Shirogane: The Hottest Ranger

I think Gao Silver has to be the biggest impact on sentai watching females throughout. Honestly I think he's the most handsome sentai hunk (but I ain't gay and I wish he and Gao White would end up together in real life someday, there's only a five years gap between them). Okay let's really move on to what I think really makes him different aside from the fact he's the only ancient in the group of Gaorangers.

His story is quite interesting and it adds flavor to the show: he at a thousand years ago fought against the Master Org Hyakkimaru. To do so, he donned the evil mask of Loki (not the god of mischief but a wolf demon) to become powerful but at the cost of being possessed. He was sealed away and it came into Ura's attention a thousand years later when he was released. When one with Loki, he was a dangerous foe as he had his own cool Gao Hunter (which was my favorite for the whole series).

So he really did cause trouble when he was one with Loki who later became a separate entity when Ura used the broken mask to create a new Org. Feeling responsible, he tried to defeat Loki but he accepted he needed the others. Also, it was revealed that he had failed to stop the damage done on Murasaki's throat during the Gao Deer episode. He eventually let Tetomu sing with him to appease the Gao Deer's anger and assisted the Gaorangers. He had a longstanding rivalry with Ura whom he defeated once during their first meeting only to return again.

He was one to be loyal to the Gaorangers even when Gao God/Futaro offered him to return back to their time (which was a test). He was also the one who managed to "stand by" Sae Taiga whenever she was alone implying he was in love with her (but he seemed to like Tetomu also). During the near close battles, he managed to try and defeat the new Master Org Senki (combination of Schtien, Ura and Rasetsu) but failed. However he did succeed with the others.

Towards the end, I was kind of disappointed he and Sae Taiga didn't travel Japan together but they did meet for a reunion. Hopefully, he'll marry her someday in real life! :-P


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