Tribute to Witch Bandora

It may seem to be too late... but here goes. It's late but not too late to write a tribute to Bandora which for me is sentai's most memorable evil queen. In the U.S., she was known as Rita Repulsa but let's focus on Bandora shall we?
Unlike the U.S. version where she just wanted power, she was one mighty wicked queen with a mighty wicked son named Kai. She wanted power all the more. One day while her son was cracking open t-rex eggs, she saw her son killed by a dinosaur. This caused her to fall into some kind of madness which she ended up striking a deal with the evil entity known as the Great Satan/Lokar a giant floating head (or so he seemed, I'd write an article on that later) to increase her powers. She then went to destroy dinosaurs which may have ended up creating the Evorian Earth in Abaranger but that's only my speculation.
Fortunately Barza challenged her and with the help of the dinosaur gods, she was defeated and sealed off. But it wasn't the end of her yet. Well she was starting to have her plan which one day she was released by two astronauts by accident effectively releasing her tribe and they planned to conquer the Earth.
She had forgotten about Kai as there is a kind of evil that comes with forgetfulness. She was served by her goons. Here, Griforther (Goldar) is much more loyal to her and NEVER betrayed her for another. She was far more evil in here and had a hatred for mostly human children. Apparently she eats children like the witch in Hansel and Gretel but there's no evidence to that. She frequently hatched various schemes which some ranged from plain ridiculous to really evil like when she keeps using innocent civilians to halt the Zyurangers' attacks.

Unlike other evil queens, she had her own popular theme song known as "Majo Bandora" which is for me, the funniest theme song to be ever done. It's whenever victory for her seems inevitable which was used during the first appearance of Burai. She saw it as an opportunity for her to win against the Zyurangers since Geki has a hesitation to attack his own brother.

She was also very evil that she even manipulated Burai to hate his younger brother Geki more. To make things worse, she even harnessed the Sword of Darkness for Burai to use. However this backfired on her when Burai's own purity of heart conquered as light can't be shadowed forever. One way or another, she later showed how evil she could get when she ended up killing Burai.

Actually towards the finale, she met her deceased son from the pits of Hell whom she once had forgotten. The whole finale was where she attempted to cause the end of the world once and for all which is "Doomsday" in Power Rangers. In the end though, she ended up weeping for her son Kai who presumably got redeemed afterward. She lost her powers and her minions were once again sealed in a jar. However she seemed to have turned good afterwards now her powers are lost and that both Griforther and Lami are now parents.

Presumably, she may have been purified to become Magiel in the jar. That's for you to decide.


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