Doggie Kruger: Sentai's Most Awesome Commander

While Changeman had presented its very own alien commander, here Dekaranger seems to jump and "upgrade" Commander Ibuki into Doggie Kruger- the second alien commander with a tough attitude against evil forces.

He's actually not any ordinary commander- he is known as Hell's guard dog or "Cerberus" because of his tough methods which he may have used to train the Dekarangers and his rather tough experience and expertise with criminals- even more awesome than to that of Commander Ibuki in Changeman.

Actually he seems to be in love with the alien Swan or he's just overprotective, I don't know but writers felt not pushing the idea too far because of the torrid nature but there's no intimacy between them. Rather it seems that the alien Swan from Chinyo (she may actually look like a bird behind that human guise) was in frequent danger of bad suitors so he must be just afraid she might land on another one.

The whole thing is that he has a ranger status secret which the others soon find out when Swan is in danger. He is a tough and honorable leader who keeps the Dekarangers in tip-top shape using training simulators which he usually tries to push them beyond their limits to let out their true and powerful potential. As an extra ranger, he is one tough commander who has gone beyond what Commander Ibuki of Changeman, Commander Sugata of Maskman and Commander Aya of Jetman have done in the battle fields.

Should I mention that he actually pilots the awesome Dekabase Robo? He was able to aid the Dekarangers using the awesome robot mode which packs quite a punch. He was the type to have gone so-self sacrificing that he nearly died during the final battle with Aburera's most intense forces as to allow the Dekarangers to escape alive.

However he did return alive after the Dekarangers managed to retrieve the Dekabase Robo from Aburera.


  1. And what's more awesome is that when he transformed, his head became human-shaped!


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