The Fair Jasmine Flower

I think there's no other lady more worthy of being mentioned in Dekaranger than Jasmine/Deka Yellow... she's one hot girl. Also, she's quite tough as nails and having the long lost "yellow female instinct" which both Mika Koizumi (RIP) and Jun Yabuki possessed in Bioman.

She is a calm, collected individual with great brains as well as beauty making her another hard catch for sentai girls. So far I remembered watching the show JUST FOR HER. Wow! Think of my age as an adult and I loved Dekaranger because of this gorgeous jasmine flower of a lady aside from the intense plotline that livened up the genre of super sentai.

She wasn't always what she was. She was at first suicidal because of her ESP abilities which she could not control. She was then assisted by Doggie Kruger who trained her to be the yellow ranger of the Detective Taskforce Dekaranger. She found a new purpose and meaning in life called to the light side. She soon found this experience helpful later on when a boy shared the same mutant powers as she did. She wears gloves as to ensure her pain doesn't rise when she uses her powers.

With her naming of alienizers sent by Aburera to conquer the Earth is somewhat similar to Jun Yabuki, even her acting skills though she never fired an arrow. She can also throw Japanese puns which is very funny and maybe longtime Bioman fans will see another heroine with similarities to Jun Yabuki (but she is HOTTER 10x). She also had a knack for martial arts being the more action oriented female and a very resourceful one that is.

Also there seemed to be "something" between her and Ban/Dekared as they had a close relationship but neither of them fell in love as revealed later in the movie (Ban was in love with Marie). The part where she and Tetsu now drive the Machine Doberman may suggest the authors want to pair her up with Tetsu instead. Well anyway, I think she and Tetsu make a better team.