Griforther and Lami

I think Griforther and Lami deserves a special spot in this blog as a Zyuranger fan. We know that Griforther has become bitter rivals with the Tyrano Ranger since day one and we later discover he was married in the past to Lami (which was NEVER put by Saban into Power Rangers) and were separated for quite a long time. That was an element that was NEVER incorporated into Goldar and Scorpina in Power Rangers. So read on what's really behind them.

Well the two did reunite in episode 19 and it was really bad times of the Zyurangers. Griforther was mute until his wife came along- which was a pleasant surprise for him from Bandora. He stated talking which was a surprise to most of his subordinates since he only growled like a dog.

We can also see them in an argument since Griforther didn't want to lose her again disallowed her to go to battle as long as she wasn't with him. The two of them got together for the rest of the series in helping Bandora's plan to conquer the Earth and conquer it for their kind. The two caused serious trouble for the Zyurangers for ther est of the series.

The whole thing in Zyuranger between them was that they were obviously a dangerous couple. While Griforther could already withstand Daizyujin even when alone, Lami's poison added more insult to injury which was revealed in the awesome episode where he, Griforther and Lami all became giant and defeated Daizyujin together. However the two couldn't withstand the might of Dragon Caesar for some reason- probably why Burai thought he could kill Bandora. But nonetheless they always tried their best to make the Zyurangers miserable but Griforther was too focused on Geki.

The end was seemingly funny for them. Well unlike most sentai field commanders that died (and sadly, Geki doesn't kill Griforther) they were reunited in the urn where they had a child. Whether or not they were reborn in Magiranger as sky saints is up to fan speculation or remains to be seen.