Hiroshi Miyauchi

One of sentai's most amazing actors should be Hiroshi Miyauchi who is popular for his role as Kamen Rider V3 for Kamen Rider fans (sadly I can't make any blog on Kamen Rider as well as this). He sang the song of Kamen Rider V3.

He was also one of the earliest sentai heroes who appeared in Goranger as the blue ranger and in JAKQ as Big One. In Goranger, he featured an archer, an element that would later be integrated into future sentai. In JAKQ he was a master of disguise and an additional member, another important concept to later sentai.

Other roles he would have been known are Zubat, Shukehachi in Abenero Shogun, Shunsuke Masaki in Winspector and Solbrain. He also guest-starred in Gavan as Allan.

My personal favorite has to be his role in Ohranger as Chief Miura. I mean, now he takes on another henshin series and this time- no special powers. However unlike Shunsuke Masaki, his role in here is one tough person able to even best some Bara troopers with just his bare fists when a subordinate couldn't do it with a weapon. He seems to carry out the role of being the most awesome commander after Ibuki of Changeman.

He returned in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai as two roles (Big One where he really looks old but hip and a footage of him from Ohranger). His latest role so far is Tobei Tachibana of Kamen Rider in a somewhat non-canon Kamen Rider film.