Jetmen vs. Juice Vigen

The fact is Jetman episode 10 seems to be the most unique of all since sonic waves, cameras, love devourers and hammers were most common. Who would have thought of a juice monster?

The whole episode has it where Gure creates a new monster out of a vending machine at the gym. The Jetmen after their exercise routine drink some of the juice and turned into their opposite selves with much hilarious results- Ryu Tendo was weak and lazy, Guy Yuki becomes like Ryu Tendo, Raita Ooshi becomes like Guy Yuki, Kaori Rokumen becomes selfish and greedy and Ako Hayakasa becomes too soft over matters.

The whole episode has it where the Jetmen go into battle, burp and go into a state of alternate change which is proven fatal. One is when Raita Ooshi burps in the middle of the battle and he and Guy Yuki argue to an even greater extent than they normally would. Also when Ryu Tendo burps, he sleeps putting him in mortal danger which only Guu Yuki could get him out off. The girls lose their self-esteem and the team gets getting into mortal danger.

Aya Odagiri had to really use a gun to threaten Ryu Tendo to go and fight like a man. Fortunately Guy Yuki was able to beat the crap out of this to reverse the others to normal. That was one awesome scene when they go and band against this monster after the misadventure and defeat him for good.