Kenji Ohba in Sentai

Perhaps one of the most interesting seniors in sentai is Kenji Ohba who is already in his 50s. Metal hero fans may know him as Gavan (which was probably his most popular role) in his battle against the evil Don Horror.

In super sentai, he appeared as two different rangers in two different series. Though they are acted by him, they are NOT one and the same person. In both series, he portrayed two different characters rather well showing his flexibility.

In Battle Fever J, he was Battle Kenya. In the succeeding series, he acted as Denzi Blue. After which, he seemingly disappeared from the big time acting to teach martial arts. He also appeared in Kamen Rider Black RX which was a series after Denziman and Battle Fever J which is of the Kamen Rider franchise.

He also appeared in Gekiranger as one of the instructors namely Geki Red's father in his latest sentai appearance. Hopefully he'll guest in Shinkenger and demonstrate more moves again!


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