The Little Swallow of Jetman

I think the most noteworthy of the Jetman characters has to be Ako Hayakasa or Blue Swallow. While from Ryu to Kaori were more Gatchaman based, she is the only one who deviates from Gatchaman for the following reasons: her gender (Jinpei is a boy), her age as a teenager and her being the more action oriented. By the way, I remembered watching Jetman because I had a crush that almost looked like her.

She was the funniest of the group in episodes that involved her. Who could forget the Instant Noodle episode when she had her own ramen created by her crazy ex-boyfriend whom she split up with for her sanity's sake. She did some awesome moves even out of suit. Her split personality was the too soft her which is in contrast to her being action oriented.

Another of her hilarious scenarios are when her voice got stolen by the Voice Jigen which she does beat up at an amazing rate. It was quite dramatic on her as well when it came to revealing her identity to her best friend Kyoko and that she tried to get the voice back.

The funniest scene that she ever had was when she "got married" to Guy Yuuki (and honestly, I wish they do end up together in fan-fiction) where they had to really kiss to fool the monster. However the two became some sort of a team at times especially when Guy Yuuki felt obliged to protect her but she always abided by the rules of Ryu Tendo. It's hinted she has a crush on Guy Yuuki because she's never approved of Guy Yuuki and Kaori Rokumen's relationship in the middle of the series.

She does also get her own piece of action as well against the Toxic Rat Jigen where she was involved with a young girl who couldn't take courage as her last piece of action. Three years later after the fall of Vyram, she became a pop star. Too bad though, she never married Guy Yuuki who already had given up on Kaori Rokumen.