The Media Magician's Tragedy

This is the SAD story of a monster who fell in love with a human. If you've seen Maskman, you'll realize the one who plays this tragic monster in Dairanger is none other than Ryosuke Umezo who is Red Mask. What's his real deal? As you read through this entry, you'll realize that it's no ordinary love and tragedy that took place.

Though similar with Gurin Dobler, this one is quite different. He was in disguise as the media master Takamura Soichirou and he was assigned to seduce Rin or Houou Ranger but a twist happens. Instead of wanting to perform his mission for the Gorma to drain her powers using his camera (which corrupts the soul) he instead began to fall for her the more she posted for him.

Bad news indeed as he fell in love with her and he proposed but never told her he was a Gorma. The two ended up in a relationship which hindered both sides and Gara was enraged. It didn't take long for him to admit before Rin he was a Gorma. At first she didn't believe him but she loved him even after discovering the bitter truth.

Defiantly, he changed to his monster form to defy the Emperor by fighting Gara himself when he could not share a kiss. It was also because Rin was too weakened at that time. As he defended Rin to the last, he was injured to death and his lifeless body was soon enlarged to become a puppet. Upon his death, he asked Rin to remember their time together. He wanted to be reborn a human but it's not likely.